12 August 2014

The Anti-Transparency Candidate

“Justin Trudeau announced that he will repeal the First Nations Financial Transparency Act and in doing so has chosen the side of those First Nation chiefs, like his star candidate Jody Wilson-Raybould, who would keep this basic financial information hidden from their communities and from Canadian taxpayers.”

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In a statement to the National Post Tuesday, Kwikwetlem authorities refused to make any comment related to the $8-million deal, maintaining that “the transaction remains subject to a non-disclosure agreement.”
Yup... no one needs to know about this... nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Especially the other 80 members of the band.


Anonymous said...

Pandering to the tribes... culture wars here we come, brought to you by the corrupt Liberal Party headed by an imbecile.

Anonymous said...

They would not be "hidden".
The information would be available provided the Band council and the members all agreed to release it, after a 95%
vote of agreement the Band Leader would then have the final say if in fact this sensitive information could be opened up to the taxpaying public. So you see, its all transparent.
On another note, I cant help but gaze in wonder at what is now the front runnner to be our next PM. He's against pipelines, yet, he's for them. He's for transparency yet, he agrees with the lack of transparency in some cases. I am not a MSM conspiracy theorist, but, you cant be what Justin Trudeau has become with out the media helping, its impossible.

Neo Conservative said...

irony deprived jt is not only anti-transparency... he is pro-choice... to the point that all his candidates MUST ALSO be pro-choice... wrap your head around that.

he has stated he admires the communist chinese government above all others, he shills for fidel castro and he thinks legalising pot will make the world go round.

as ezra levant reported, justin recently dressed up in colourful native garb at a wahabbi mosque and recited the islamic prayer of conversion.

playing both sides of the street he was also photographed tete a tete at a gay pride parade with kathleen wynne and a former provincial cabinet minister who was arrested for possessing child pornography.

but hey, he has trudeau dna so he must be wonderful, right.

the divine right of kings... brought to you by the liberal party of canada.


Anonymous said...

Trudeau has been compared to Obama but I think there's no comparison. Obama at least has SOME intellect and is actually quite a conniving political operator.

Trudeau is a nincompoop. At least he was actually born in Canada and somewhat likes the place and is kind of a catholic I guess.

Neo Conservative said...

yeah... the kind of catholic who believes in abortion. kinda sums up his character right there.

with his empty resume, justin probably didn't believe he could get elected until finally, in middle age, his mummy convinced him he had the royal jelly.

unlike mcguinty & ignatieff, both of whom believed canada was only good enough to live in if you got to be supreme poohbah, justin will probably move to cuba after people wise up to what a lightweight he obviously is.