28 August 2014

I remember when businesses had to...

...make it on their own...

The Windsor Star reports that the Ontario government has pledged $385-million in assistance to Ford Motor Co. and the feds are considering matching the investment. The project, an expanded engine plant in Windsor, is expected to result in between 400 to 1,000 new jobs, which makes the taxpayer bill roughly $1-million per new job.


Anonymous said...

Wynne is on a roll, eh? And she has the gall to ask for money from the feds. Hopefully Harper can in his own words say.."No...after all the corruption and waste...not a dime..."


Neo Conservative said...

where will all the lefty sheeple run when the electricity goes out in ontario... or when toronto declares bankruptcy?

it ain't gonna be pretty.


xlanforc said...

Ms. Wynn's statements would be good for a laugh, if the situation for all of Canada wasn't at stake. Her answer to some Questions;" We are not spending billions on that project,it is investing money. Yes we are shutting down some wind turbines as they are too expensive to operate" Three days later; "Yes we are renewing the contract to build new wind turbines." Or Her adopting the Quebec refrain; The Federal Govt. (Canadian Tax
payers} are cheating us out of Billions of Dollars " Her many statements re/ Spending on new projects,and the Fed's should pay for the repairs to
the old infrastructures that are falling apart, and varied remarks to spend our way out of debt,and yes we will eliminate the deficit by 2016 !!!