13 August 2014

Journalism 101 - Exploiting Grief

Talk about burying the lede...

During a subsequent safety lap, Ward got out of his car and stood on the track, seemingly to confront Stewart about the collision — a move that’s not uncommon in local races.
What's newsworthy here is that running out onto an active racetrack in New York state is apparently a humdrum everyday occurance. Sort of like bullfighting... with speeding cars.

Oh yeah... every other article I've read says the deceased was 20 years old, but I guess making him a teenager somehow makes this more tragic. That and the fact that he "slept with a smile on his face."

Sorry, folks... despite the media furor labelling Tony Stewart a killer, this was a totally avoidable incident. Wake up and smell the manipulation.


UPDATE: Finally... a voice of reason
“Is there a recorded radio interaction where he’s saying, ‘I’m gonna scare this kid’ or ‘I’m gonna do something’? That’s what you need,” lawyer Joe Tacopina told WFAN’s Marc Malusis and Sid Rosenberg on Monday. “Short of that, there’s no scenario where you’re going to be able to prove that he tried to scare this kid or hurt this kid or do anything.

“He’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing: he’s driving a car in circles on a track, going fast.”
Over and out.