04 March 2013

The new nicey, nice journalism

Step one, in all multicultural stories, trot out all the familiar, shopworn cliches...

“The suspect, he was a young guy, nice guy, a popular guy. It’s not something you would EVER expect.”
Or how about...
"You NEVER hear about this kind of thing.”
Eventually, though, you actually have to actually say something factual...
"Kuujjuaq has a disproportionately high crime rate for a town of its size. A total of 640 assaults were recorded in 2012, with 424 of them being alcohol related, according to statistics from the Kativik Regional Police Force."
"Disproportionate", huh? When a journalist uses that word in what is otherwise a politically correct puff piece, that, for me anyway, raises a red flag.

Curious about what that actually meant, I started to Google. Turns out, it isn't what was said that's important. It's what was left out.

Apparently, Kuujjuaq is a village of 2,400 people... which works out, statistically, to every fourth person in the place taking a beating. Bear in mind, we're talking reported assaults... which are always a fraction of actual incidences.


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In 2002, the entire community of Davis Inlet was relocated after footage of gas-sniffing children, screaming they wanted to die, was broadcast worldwide.

Just three years later, and after $160-million in moving costs, the chief of the new community Natuashish was forced to admit that the problem was again out of control.
When will the government stop playing, "Once upon a time..."?


Patsplace said...

Remarkable as it seems, the only place that actual straight reporting of the facts and related data is on Halls of Macadamia. Well done.

Anonymous said...

i would guess that people who beat on other people are not nice, were not nice and will not be nice in the future.

Neo Conservative said...

"patsplace says... the only place that actual straight reporting...

well, no... it's not the only place and this certainly isn't a crusade to set the world right.

i simply cannot abide being misled.

the mainstream media is not about presenting anyone with "news"... it's about providing info-tainment and presenting an agenda that will increase their market share.

of course, it goes further than that. witness the myth of abo-martyr donald marshall. that media-supported perception of aboriginals as helpless victims of a systemically racist canadian society has even been enshrined in the legal system. notice i said legal system... as it no longer has anything to do with justice.

every once in a while, you get a glimmer of what is actually going on... as in, what region has the highest per capita homicide rate in Canada.

but most people don't really want to know that. they get a new car every year... they've got netflix & hi-speed internet... they don't need to bother themselves about the outside world.

so sad.