03 January 2013

Yeah, yeah, I know... straight to hell...

This likely makes me a bad person, but the first thing that came screaming to mind when I saw this was, hey... "NATURAL SELECTION!!!"...hang all the politicians


Blame Crash said...

You're being way too hard on the guy. He was only doing his job.
Now the customers of this guys work are the ones who really should be loathed and ridiculed. It is these slack jawed imbeciles who worship at temple of false idols called Celebrities who lead this poor unfortunate “photo-journalist” to his demise.

Frances said...

Another candidate for the Darwin Awards.

James Higham said...



Neo Conservative said...

what's interesting, is that for years now, i've had my own little paparazzo... follows me around like a little dog... gnawing on my every utterance.

seems a little bleak as far as 'life's ambition' goes... but i guess everybody has their own special calling in this world.