02 January 2013

Ah, yes... "militants"...

...because calling them bloodthirty, misogynistic, religious terrorists... well, that'd just be rude...

"Seven charity workers, six of them women, have been shot dead in north-west Pakistan, police say. Of the seven people who were killed, two were health workers and five were teachers."

"'Militants' targeting a vaccination programme are suspected."

"Last month, in a series of attacks, gunmen killed nine health workers taking part in a national polio vaccination drive."

"While the Pakistani Taliban have denied carrying out the killings, they have long denounced the vaccination drive as a Western plot either to gather intelligence or to sterilise Muslim children."
Well then... they were forced into it by the CIA.


Anonymous said...

how about calling them what they really are, islamic, jihadi, terrorists.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry... obama whitehouse disallowed the use of the word "terrorist"... wouldn't want to hurt anybody's feelings.