11 January 2013

Livin' large, in, dare I say it...

...every sense of the word...

"Grand Chief David Harper of the Okimakanak First Nation described Theresa Spence as their very own 'Mother Theresa'. I don’t remember reading reports of the Calcutta nun rolling on 20″ rims."
That's weird. The way the Canadian lapdog media was grimly reporting this thing, I pictured freezing, windblown tarpaper shacks... and an emaciated, aboriginal Joan of Arc... not a tricked out Hummer en-route to a fancy hotel.


UPDATE: What's a hunger-strike cost, anyway?


Anonymous said...

up is down, down is up.

Jen said...

St Teresa of Calcutta bathed, washed the stench, urine and bowel movement of the poor. She gave her endying love to GOD and to His poor people. She is BLESSED in robes of glory and be remembered forever the 'maytre' for the poor of Calcutta.
Mother Teresa and her order lived on donations and whatever given to her was spent, used on her poor people.

Jen said...

Canada has fallen into the hands of militans.

The militan medias: CBC, CTV ETC have waited for this big moment to watch the very gov CPC that has done more for the Aborignals than the previous governments, be reduced in the eyes of the world. PM Harper whose party has worked diligently with Aboriginal leaders regarding to their needs of concern is now being used against him and his party. BUT, there is BUT, the general public who have been fitting the bills for the ABORIGINALS for decades are the ones who are INSULTED, HUMILATED.

The media will pay dearly for what they have created rather than stand by their fellow TAXPAYERS and the PM for the hard work done through taxpayers for the aboriginals.

Amazingly, quiet mouth Charlie Angus who is the mp for Attasapiskat riding has not bother to stand up to Teresa Spence in behalf of ALL Canadians who paid millions into ATTASAPISKAT.

FoxtrotBravo said...

Mother Teresa made something out of nothing.
Thief Spence made nothing out of something.

Neo Conservative said...

saw cbc's neil mcdonald actually admit that the media knows that chief spence is faking her hunger strike... but that the issue was important enough to overlook the blatant lie and buy in to the emotional blackmail.

try imagine if neil & friends caught the pm, or any other conservative for that matter, playing fast & loose with facts. would that be overlooked whatever the issue?

this is the same sentiment that lets the cbc & friends overlook a naked jack layton discovered in a chinatown whorehouse during a raid for underage asian hookers.

what else does one need to know about the lunatic left?