19 January 2013

Are you ready?

2nd amendment


Patsplace said...

A really well written story of a man and his wife that were focused on protecting their family and taking steps to ensure that they never again are put in this position.

Anonymous said...

Its been a long time thinking about it and I am in agreement with the need to have the ability to defend myself and family from those who may wish us harm.

I am your typical Canadian who does not own a weapon and knows nothing about it. I am not even sure who to ask!

My desire is to learn how to properly and safely use, handle and store weapons; learn how to fire them; and acquire one or two. Then I hope to put them in a safe place and never have to use them.

Now that the "registry" is over, I am less worried about being on some government 'watch list' because I actually don't want to advertise that I have these things.

So where do I start? A gun store?

Neo Conservative said...

in solidly left/lib los angeles, no less.


Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... So where do I start? A gun store?"

just because the long gun registry has been scrapped doesn't mean you can just buy a firearm.

you will need to take a course to qualify to apply for a firearms possession certificate. the results of the course go to the police, who then interview your friends & family... including all your current & ex-spouses & current & ex boy/girlfriends.

if you want to buy a handgun, you need to be trained & approved by a handgun instructor at an approved venue... typically 10 sessions over ten weeks.

get a list of area gun clubs or ranges from the telephone book or a firearms dealer.