21 January 2018

Unsurprisingly, Muslim transsexuals not...

...squealing with delight...the pig bang**********

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..."grooming product" to a gunfight.


Anonymous said...

One more reason to "like" pork Neo?
Maybe the model for middle eastern types will come already "modified" just sayin'

Neo Conservative said...

bacon makes EVERYTHING better.


Frances said...

Neo - given that being transsexual is already seriously haram, is a little pig protein going to make any difference?

On another topic, remember commenting to a Jewish classmate on the "kosher ham" in her sandwich; unfortunately, our one Jewish prof was within hearing. We are still friends, though.

Did hear from a family member who studied in eastern Europe that a fair few Israeli classmates knew of the excellence of "Canadian bacon". Those classmates who kept kosher went vegetarian, but even this was problematic as one would see the "vegetarian" menu as including "egg, cheese, peas, bacon". A non-Jewish vegetarian friend of the family member ordered a vegetarian lasagna which came with bacon sprinkles; she scraped them off and gave them to her husband.

Anonymous said...

Aah Pork called "white meat" by non observant Jews.
A Jewish man I worked with in a shipyard went to the tomain-truck at lunchtime to get a big polish sausage in a bun.
I asked why a Hebrew homey like him was eating pork?
His answer
He opened up the bun and said "it's OK see the pig was circumcised"
Made us all laugh.