24 January 2018

Fairy Tales from "The Hood"

I guess, even the unrepentant SJWs at CTV realised they had gone a Teletubbie too far...pander time

"The last time I saw him we were in church,” Pearl Clarke told CTV News Toronto about a week after her son's death. “He came and sat beside me and gave me a big hug and he kissed me on my forehead and said, 'Mommy, I love you and I really want to change my life.'"
And then somebody blew him away.

The revised article on the CTV webpage has entirely excised the "22 year-old banger channels preschooler" shtick. I can't imagine why.


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From the Comments: "Be on the lookout for young people hacking up their innards while simultaneously blowing bubbles out their arses."


TheTooner said...

"...I really want to change my life.'"

Famous last words. Trying to turn his life around seems to be the most common indicator that that a young fellow is about to get murdered by others like himself of killed in a confrontation with police.

Neo Conservative said...

hard to wrap my head around the number of bangers who get lit up just as they were "turning their lives around."

canada is constantly being deprived of potential theoretical physicists, surgeons, philanthropists and similar achievers.


Anonymous said...

"...I really want to change my life.'"
Mission accomplished, that statement is prescient, visionary, and clairvoyant all in one.
Now if any of that stuff rhymes could be a rap song in their somewhere.
Unfortunately, the whole turning your life around cliche seems to always result in no life at all.
Sow the wind reap the whirlwind.
There just ain't no future in the hood