31 January 2018

Torches... Pitchforks...

Remember, back, you were a kid... folks being hunted down by packs of predators...

Yeah... me neither...

UPDATE: Toronto's 5th murder victim id'd

It's always the guys with the bangin' neck tattoos...tattooed**********


"TORONTO — A man who was stabbed after being chased by several men in downtown Toronto on Monday night has died in hospital. It happened at about 8 p.m. in the Yonge and Wellesley Sts. area."

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It's an "altercation." In the words of the Toronto Red Star... "a man being chased by 10 other men followed by a stabbing."

Geez... I hope nobody "altercates" me. As per standard Toronto media protocol... no identifying information in intial reports on either the dearly departed, or the wolfpack who brought him down.

Meanwhile... in other "street robbery" news.


Neo Conservative said...


"Police have named the victim
as 25-year-old Simon Zerezghi."


Anonymous said...

Maybe Doug Ford alias Doug Trump will help clean things up. Etobicoke Proud!

Anonymous said...

Neo, I love coming here! I get all the Tranna "news" in a nutshell, my old home town. Out here in Cowtown, we're trying to catch up. We're the size of Mississauga now, with a Heinz 57 variety citizenry & crime stats to match.

Neo Conservative said...

bailed on hogtown myself in 2001, but always fascinated by the glimpses of the post-apocalyptic future.

why anyone would choose to remain in insanely expensive, traffic clogged, increasingly violent toronto eludes me.


UCSPanther said...

We could start a betting pool on what Toronto's future will look like.

Mine is on a latin-style future with rough and violent streets, a corrupt police that no longer cares about crime as long as they get paid, and gated communities where the very rich live, while everyone else lives in shanties and favelas...