25 November 2014

Never mind not guilty... Darren Wilson...

...is lucky to be alive...

gentle giant my ass

Wilson also describes the moment he says he felt overpowered by 6 foot 5, Brown, who weighed upwards of 300 pounds.

‘When I grabbed him, the only way I can describe it is I felt like a five-year-old holding Hulk Hogan.’
And then "gentle giant" Michael Brown started wrestling Officer Wilson for his gun.


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... did Rudy Giuliani just throw his hat in the ring?bye, bye hillary
Ninety-three percent of blacks are killed by other blacks,” Giuliani said, triggering a heated argument on NBC's "Meet the Press." “I would like to see the attention paid to that that you are paying to this.”

LAST WORD: Justice AND more free stuffmore free stuffNo freebies... no peace.


Anonymous said...

In Canada we have our famous favourite child terrorist, Omar Khadr and his family. Our government, police, justice department all have embraced, protected and provided shelter and a good life for the Khadrs unlike the U.S. where the police actually defend the community by killing a bad guy who is not even as bad as little Omar and his terror family. At least the U.S., as liberal as they are, have the balls to defend their nation and community un like the 90% of bleeding heart gutless Canadians who celebrate the joy of the Khadrs like a newborn child. Our government and police also lack the balls to do anything out of fear of violating political correctness.

Neo Conservative said...

there's plenty of political correctness in the good ol us of a.

a missouri state senator has declared an us against them race war... the half black president and the black attorney general have been second guessing local authorities from the start... and ferguson, missouri will be a burnt out ghost town before this is over.

i suspect officer darren wilson and his family, who now have prices on their heads, courtesy of the new black panther party, will have to go into witness protection.

if the black community can rally behind a violent thug like michael brown, then gawd help us all.


shootbirdies said...

I am so very tired of the race card. Mike Brown had just 'shoplifted' cigarellos and pushed around the store owner before his encounter with Officer Wilson.
Many white men are thieves also.
(I had a shoplifting incident where I once worked also, 2 white men...)
Why, oh why can't peoples just pull up their pants and -get a job?
-I realize my moniker is shootbirdies, but it's because I would rather shoot a birdie than a par. Get it?

Neo Conservative said...

"shootbirdies says... Mike Brown had just 'shoplifted' cigarellos and pushed around the store owner..."

in point of fact, it was a strongarm robbery as michael brown stole the items and physically assaulted the owner when he trie to stop brown and his friend.

both are felonies. brown was a gangbanger as was his stepfather.

the evidence and grand jury testimony backed up officer wilson's testimony that the 6'5" 300+ pound gentle giant assaulted him in his car.

the evidence shows that brown's initial gunshot wound took place inside the squad car as he wrestled with officer wilson and tried to grab his service weapon.

eyewitness testimony said that after walking away, brown turned around and charged officer wilson... who then shot him to stop the threat.

use it or lose it.