20 August 2012

That's so weird... I didn't see a thing...

..about this on the CTV news...no puppy loveOf course, on the 11 o'clock national news, the talking heads were again offering up slobbery images of their pet martyr, Julian Assange, and I quote...

"It is not likely British police will assault the (Ecuadorian) embassy."
Hmmm... ya think?

I guess I just don't get how people can accept that the mainstream media is somehow offering them up actual news. They should just skip right over to Jon Stewart and the Daily show... they make no apologies for their propaganda.


jwkozak91 said...

My reaction to Assahnge whining about the consequences of tugging on Superman's cape is either LOL hilarious or "just shut yer yap already".

PS.: Juli-boy, if you're really that paranoid about the U.S. govt., why are you speaking on an open balcony? Isn't bullet-proof glass in order here?

Neo Conservative said...

but there's ctv yip-yappin' about the possibility of brit cops storming the ecuadorian embassy... which is, in fact, an act of war.

they just say whatever shit comes to their feeble pinko minds.

the fact is, assange is wanted, not in the usa... but in sweden... on sexual assault charges.

is julian saying barack obama pressured the swedes into making it all up?

but ctv is strangely silent.


marco said...

Ecuador is not nearly as safe as a Swedish prison ;)