09 August 2012

Just another typical childrens party...

...balloons, face-painting and assorted threats...

An 18-year-old has been charged with threatening to harm residents living on Danzig Street prior to a block party shooting last month.

Toronto police spokeswoman Wendy Drummond says it’s alleged the man made threats on the street the same day that gunfire erupted July 16 at the neighbourhood party, killing two people and injuring nearly two dozen others.

Shaquan Mesquito faces charges of threatening to cause serious bodily harm.

Admirably, the CBC is(sic) explored the role of extremely high temperatures as a trigger for violent behaviour. I know that living in a small, hot, airless room would motivate me to strike out at people.

Other organizations are exploring the “pistolization” of North American society; i.e., gun availability and the media’s role in legitimizing their use. The time has come to recognize Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s part in both of these scenarios.