17 August 2012

I'm beginning to see where all that...

..."crime is down" malarkey is coming from...

“We don’t have a cause of death and without a cause of death, we can’t call it a homicide,” Acting Insp. Randy Cowan said.

UPDATE: Is it murder now?
"Two severed hands were found in a Mississauga park Friday as Peel police returned to search for more body parts following the discovery of a foot and head."


Norm said...

Why was the UK murder rate so low for many years (its climbing now)? A murder was not a murder until a court said it was murder. If a villan killed someone and plea bargined it down to assault & battery it wasn't a murder in the UK crime stats. Meanwhile, FBI uniform stats said a homicide was a homicide whether it was murder, manslaughter or justified. Adds a few points to the body count.

Neo Conservative said...

call me wacky... you find a decapitated head and sundry other body parts in a river... i'm betting it wasn't an industrial accident.


Al the Fish said...

Neo, of course it could have been an industrial accident! A street busker may have been practising his chainsaw juggling, while ridding in a canoe, routine!