14 August 2006

Six Nations? More like Sixty.

So, what is the unifying idealogical principle behind the siege at Caledonia? Turns out the occupation has all the philosophical coherence of an unsupervised nursery school recess.

Hardly surprising, given that the natives apparently take their cues from such stalwart proponents of democracy as (a) Yassir Arafat, (b) Hugo Chavez and (c) Josef Stalin.

The Palestinian flag flaps below a bright-red Mohawk Warrior flag. Venezuela's yellow, blue and red has been pinned to a wooden board. Farther down the barricaded road into the Douglas Creek Estates construction site, natives have hoisted the sickle-and-hammer standard of the former Soviet Union.
The natives would have you believe that the occupation of the site has lasted for six months simply because the wily white man refuses to negotiate.

Here's the biggest reason in a nutshell. When the natives aren't brawling with residents of the town, they're fighting amongst themselves.

Try as he might, even native apologist cum negotiator David Peterson can't really paint the process in a flattering light.
“There's a constant dynamic inside the place; it's like a swirling cauldron,” said David Peterson, the former Ontario premier who negotiated the removal of the blockade of two main roads in Caledonia. “Nobody answers to anybody. They all answer to each other."
And what about the respect for the traditional chiefs and clan mothers? The Globe tried to get an interview with one of the mythical clan mothers, but apparently no one could scare one up.
Only about 20 of the 50 traditional chiefs attend gatherings, according to one of the chiefs, Arnold General. And clan mothers remain an elusive entity, even to the protesters.

“I told my clan mother the other night I'm not going to leave,” Doreen Silversmith told reporters last week. “I said: ‘I don't care if you tell us to go, nobody's going to leave.' Then, she walked away from reporters.
(HANG ON, WAIT FOR IT...) She returned after five minutes, accompanied by Ms. Jamieson, to retract her comments.
UPDATE: Ah, Doreen, you little rascal, no wonder the Six Nations sent you to Geneva to lay out the Caledonia situation for the UN. That was at the beginning of May this year, wasn't it?
Hope you didn't forget to tell them about somebody torching the local hydro substation, or about jumping the dumb ole' coppers & the US Border Patrol guy and then stealing their ride.
My personal favourite has to be when the natives dug a trench across the main street in town with a backhoe. You guys are such jokers! I bet Kofi and the boys couldn't stop laughing at that one.
Tell me again, Doreen, who was it paid the freight on that little jaunt? I have to confess, I'd be a little annoyed if I found out it was me, the taxpayer.

It now seems that Dalton McGuinty, having decided not to enforce the rule of law as laid out by Justice David Marshall, may be shadow boxing in Caledonia for some time to come.

I almost feel sorry for him.

(graphic from Clive at Doggerel)

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Anonymous said...

they obey and live by the logic that is theirs!
not your ideas or anyone’s for that matter!
you have your laws and they have theirs.
you have your traditions or ways of doing things, so do they.
your ad hominem attack on them is childish.
your closed mindedness and only willing to listen to a negative aspect of this issue is apparently causing you to write without fairly thinking.
the land has always been theirs, the law (non native/police) better stay off their land, pretty simple ...they have no jurisdiction on their land.
i have watched about a dozen short films on this issue …….and almost 95% are recordings of townsfolk harassing yelling throwing or threatening the protesters or the Natives.
to tell you the absolute truth i didn’t see one native do anything mean, hateful, or illegal.
the fact is …that the traditions and policy that “they” live by does not have to fit your life style.
or even be comprehendible to you….
it is theirs……not yours ….
it may be, way different and that is fine, with most people.
then again some people will talk down, poke fun, and insinuate that “their own way of life” is better than other cultures.
sad that there is so much negativity and hate going around.
people and cultures are vastly different, and “your laws” do not control those Natives.
nor do they owe you an explanation as to why or how it works.
its beyond some to realize that the world does not revolve around them.
you mention laughing, yet to me laughing about any of this is a pity.
myself, i have cried.
like many have and from all over the world.
you poke fun about all the foreign flags, which by the way those flags show the solidarity and the encouragement from around the world.
of course by using racism and hate you could point at the flags and claim some kind of superiority and at the same time referring to the diversity and solidarity as something goofy.
i would never walk forward as a clan mother if the white man told me i had to.
it is very obvious you cannot comprehend this type of governance, which further illustrates how scary this all becomes.
it is shameful to see ignorance and power used on humans in a hateful and spiteful way when people can not understand other culture and miscellany.
their secrecy and everybody has to be involved is just and warranted and their right…
besides, 95% of their laws are just and honorable (when compared to non native laws)
sorry you just don’t get it
you have no rights when you try to override their rights
but you can always fall back on the tried and true

…..lies, broken treaties, and violence!

Neo Conservative said...

dear joe...

i hope you're feeling better now.

were you at dce tonight when the fire broke out? some sort of cooking accident?

hope no one was seriously hurt.

Neo Conservative said...

dear joe,

UPDATE: Fire was a torch job. Just another example of native solidarity.


A fire was set in one of the homes, allegedly by someone who was staying in the home, after they were asked to leave so that the house could be worked on. The person that was staying there said that they had been staying there from the start and that it was their home. They also said that they would set it on fire if they were forced to leave.

i think i've made my point.

Anonymous said...

i am not a land-use expert
i believe the land is the natives
burn it, build it, or never use it.
not my concern its their land.
if i burn "my" house down, what does that matter to you?
i wouldn’t try to use this as an example that the natives are burning down houses in Caledonia either.
in spite of the url tag you refer to that mentions more than a weenie roast, the snide url didn't work.


Neo Conservative said...

joe anybody says, "if i burn "my" house down, what does that matter to you?"

dear joe,

thx for your, uh... input. not sure i follow your reasoning, but it does provide valuable insight into the aboriginal mindset.

as to torching the house at caledonia, perhaps this matters to your native brothers & sisters who were hospitalised after trying to put it out.

you could ask them.

Anonymous said...

i am NOT condoning "burning houses down" And certainly don't condone hurting or causing harm to the native "brothers and sisters",
in fact my comments are not (never were) speaking for the "aboriginal mindset" of the natives (as you inferred)
i speak only for myself.
please don't think i speak for the aboriginals...i don't!
if a jerk in the group does something stupid or illegal ...i usually don't blame the whole group/party....this most likely is the case with one dumb arsonist.
it seems most likely it could be an isolated case by an INDIVUDUAL
but as in this issue, some will label the act as it had the full approval of the protesting natives.
think outside the box ....by not being so quick to "paint the picture you want to see."
by you calling this arson act as "Native Solidarity" you are spinning the story and not reporting or relaying factual journalism.

have a nice weekend from

Neo Conservative said...

joe anybody said, "f a jerk in the group does something stupid or illegal ...i usually don't blame the whole group/party...."


dear joe,

that's good to know. just wondering, where do you stand on taking a backhoe and cutting a trench across the main road into somebody's town? could have been major fireworks if your pals had severed a gas line, or a big electrical feed.

i guess freedom fighters don't bother with the details, huh?

Anonymous said...


It's to bad they were pushed into having do that - it was after the OPP went onto their land that that happened.....sorry! (you were not hoping a line broke were you?)

i should reiterate: i want this issue peacefully resolved, but it has to be done fairly.
it will be a compromise of some kind i imagine.
different cultures and tense misunderstandings, is all the more reason that the reporting and the facts of this issue should be presented honestly and unbiased.
my concern is that broken treaties and then using violence, has usually been the way that the "Natives are handled".
a good book on that subject can be found titled "The Mohawk Wars" by 'jack riddle'