20 August 2006

No more whining...

I often wonder what my wife's grandfather (who spent a couple of years fighting in a muddy, rat infested hole in the ground in France) would think about all the public angst over having Canadian troops in combat in the Middle East.

I think the next person who starts whining about Canadian casualties in Afghanistan should get... (1.) slapped around 'til they stop spewing this hysterical shit and (2.) be forced to read, cover to cover, a history of WWI.

It has often been said that Canada’s sons left their home as young colonials but returned as Canadians. Vimy is indeed the birthplace of “Canadian Nationhood”.

The price was heavy: 10,500 casualties, including 3,598 dead.
That was one battle, by the way, not the whole war.

So how about it, you intellectually moribund, "no such thing as an evil person", terrorist hugging left-bots? Why don't you crawl off into your holes and give the rest of us a break?

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TrustOnlyMulder said...

I don't think I was ever prouder than I was after reading Vimy Ridge by Pierre Berton. It inspired me to pick up several other books in his historical collection.

France lost tens of thousands trying to take the ridge over months. The Canadians did it with incredibly few casualties in a single day with the forces creeping behind the artillery barrage.

It was both guts and tactics mixed to perfection.