19 July 2006

When I hear the word refugee...

I'm thinking... starving, huddled, masses yearning to be free.

You know the picture... thin gruel, barbed wire, rumours of mass graves. It seems the big heads at Immigration Canada are on another wavelength entirely. Apparently contemporary refugees start the process from their Palm Pilots. As they used to say in that internet banking commercial with Candice Bergen... just two clicks & you're there.

Going to Canada as a refugee
How do I…
  • apply for refugee status?
  • notify CIC of a change of address?
  • get financial assistance as a refugee?
  • sponsor a refugee?
  • find someone to represent me or help me complete my application?
  • find out about my rights as a refugee claimant?
  • apply for permanent residence after my refugee protection claim is accepted?
  • appeal a refugee claim?
  • help refugees who have just arrived in Canada?
  • bring my relative to Canada as a refugee?
  • extend my Interim Federal Health Program coverage?
  • Call me crazy, but maybe we should be sending the war ravaged (or similarly victimised) unfortunates who don't have laptops & satphone internet connections to the head of the line.

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