15 May 2018

There's another 200,000 votes...

...for Doug Ford...pander quee

"The board members of Ontario power utility Hydro One voted to boost compensation for their own part-time jobs to $185,000 a year, at a time when the company's share price was falling. The board of Hydro One is already under fire for sweetening the severance pay of its top executives."
Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne appointed all the current directors, who meet once a month, in 2015.
The document shows the board approved the following compensation increases:

$70,000 raise for the chair of the board (to $330,000).
$25,000 raise for regular board members (to $185,000).
So that's $15,400 taxpayer dollars per day for a regular board member. And $27,500 for the Chairman.

Nice job if you can get it er... kiss up to Premier Wynndfarm sufficiently.


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“They have the nerve to increase their compensation,” PC Leader Doug Ford said. “A part-time job — they were making $160,000 – they gave themselves a pay increase up to $185,000. Who does that?”

A statement from Hydro One’s directors says their compensation had been far below that of peers.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says................corruption, what corruption. When corruption is considered normal how does one eliminate corruption?

Neo Conservative said...

you get the government you deserve.

the ontario liberals have tripled
the provincial deficit and still
continue to be elected. most
ontarians are political imbeciles.