14 May 2018

That's some "Religion of Peace"

baby boomers

The TV report said Hamas had been spurring the violent protests, and telling Gazans who die in the violence that they will be guaranteed a place in paradise. It said women were prominent among the protesters.

It said Hamas leaders were seeking to grab control of even a small part of Israeli territory, even for a brief moment, in order to claim a symbolic victory and the start of a “return” en route to liberate Palestine.

Protesters on Sunday were heard chanting “Death to America.”
Which didn't work out as well as they thought it would.


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...where's PM Dressup in all this?insert alt text here
Few who left to join ISIS have been charged upon their return, an issue that has been raised repeatedly in the House of Commons, with the Conservatives accusing the Liberals of greeting returning ISIS members with “group-hug sessions.”

The best the RCMP can do is send an intervention team. The intervention teams can “engage with the returnee and the returnee’s family to open up dialogue with the individual and to help support the returnee’s disengagement from their radical ideology and past behavior.”

Unlike the United Kingdom, which has revoked the citizenship of ISIS fighters so they cannot return, Canadians who go abroad to commit terrorism have a “right to return,” according to a Briefing Note prepared for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

The government estimates that about 190 Canadian extremists are currently active in terrorist groups overseas, mostly in Syria and Iraq. An additional 60 have returned, and police are bracing for another wave of returnees over the next one to three months.

LAST WORD: Little Mosque on the Hudsonno gurls allowed
A local Muslim woman, Jabin Ahmed Ruhii, took to Facebook to express her frustration. “Although the invitation letter said, ‘dear brothers and sisters’ – the men were explicitly told that women are not a part of this gathering,” she wrote.

The president of the Islamic Center, Abdul Hannan says there wasn't enough space for women and because of security concerns not all community members were invited.

Mr. Hannan believes things are fine following a meeting. "She realised that she needed to talk to us instead of posting her thoughts on Facebook," he says.

Ms. Ruhii describes the meeting as "tense but respectful."
As in...
"We told them the women in your community do not feel accepted," Ruhii says. "You haven't opened the doors for us."
Doesn't sound fine to me, Abdul.


Anonymous said...

What do they think they are at the Quebec border?
Seems to me that Juth-dim wants the Quebecers replaced first yes?

Anonymous said...

old white guy says................dumb ass Canadians.

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Neo Conservative said...

"The reason that ISIS exists is the same reason that Syria can’t be fixed. ISIS didn’t get so big because Muslims are angry about our foreign policy. It got huge because Sunni Muslims hate Shiite Muslims."


Anonymous said...

Sunni Muslims hate Shiite Muslims."
add Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, add any other ethnic group here.
Now, as a wise man, Kissinger, once said if there was only a way both sides could lose.
The whatevers on the west bank are running over the cliff like lemmings financed by foreign aid.
Faster please I am all out of f***s to give