21 August 2013

You can't use Tasers...

...you MUST use Tasers... I wish the lunatic left would make up its uber-elastic hive mind...
It’s pretty clear that there are many who want a piece of poor Sammy Yatim now that he’s dead and can be made into a cause or useful instrument.
poor little knife-wielding crazy
Worse, the only justice they have anything to do with is the sort preferred by the Queen in Alice in Wonderland. “No! No!” she cried. “Sentence first — verdict afterwards.”
The fact that young Mr Yatim had been exposing himself and brandishing a knife in a very public venue continues to be seen as irrelevant. The fact that Mr Yatim had, at the moment he was shot, charged at police, screaming like a madman with a knife in his hand is similarly glossed over.

Perhaps they'll have to rewrite the procedural manual at the Ontario Police College. Apparently, coppers are supposed to wait for the club to land, the gun to fire, or the knife to penetrate their person. Until that's cleared up, the next time you encounter a raving lunatic with a knife, I suggest you call Andre Marin or Alok Mukherjee.


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While trying to help this apparent victim, Constable Garrett was suddenly attacked with a knife and suffered a mortal wound to his throat. Although dying, Constable Garrett somehow managed to draw his firearm and pursue his attacker, firing off his entire clip of 17 bullets. Constable Garrett was able to wound his murderer with his last shot before he succumbed to his injury.
Which of the two endings above do you prefer?