29 August 2013

In other "dope makes you smarter" news...

...Justin plays the Mandingo card...
At an event this week, Trudeau used the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech to lambaste the Charter of Quebec Values, suggesting a link with segregation.

“Oh, my god,” said Bernard Drainville, the PQ government minister responsible for the charter, when asked for a reaction Thursday.

“I think he should make a little bit of an effort to elevate the debate — instead of lowering it."
I still believe the Conservatives should hire a tour bus for Justin... and set up a country wide speaking tour.


UPDATE: Angel dust in his weed?
"Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau isn't ruling out compensation for Omar Khadr for the time the convicted terrorist served in Guantanamo Bay."
Maybe Prime Minister Shiny Pony could appoint Omar head of the armed forces as he reshapes Canada's role in international relations.


LAST WORD: They have a dream, too
"Anti-police violence" protesters in Toronto attack innocent drivers and smash car windshields.
(via BCF)