07 July 2013

If you build it they will come... and come...

...and come...
the natives are restless

"Under the original arrangement, would-be Mi’kmaq needed only to dig up some census or church records to prove one of their ancestors had lived in a pre-1949 Newfoundland Mi’kmaq community."
Hmmm, there's obviously something wrong here. Don't you worry though, the government has laid down strict new membership criteria.
"Applicants must provide census forms, job applications, newspaper articles or even ferry tickets to show they had some Mi’kmaq leanings before an Indian status card was involved."
Yeah, ferry tickets. They're really tightening the screws here. It's like those poor guys in prison who say they're women trapped inside men's bodies. "Okay Freddie, you say you need taxpayer-subsidised breasts & vagina? Who are we to argue?"

I'm so confused. If these folks, as the media is constantly telling us, are living a hellish life of poverty and neglect... why are so many folks (600% more than the 15,000 anticipated) trying to deal themselves in?

Maybe it's not such a bad deal after all, huh?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes bring the "freeloading wagon" into town and watch all the lazy do nothing slugs find the energy to get off their collective arses long enough to climb on.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

if, as aboriginal peoples would have you believe, they are such a despised, downtrodden underclass... why are they a 12 billion dollar line item in the federal budget?

more to the point, why are so many people (600 % more than anticipated?) apparently desperate to be reclassified as such?

whatever assistance this country now provides to the descendants of the original (two plus centuries ago) inhabitants... it makes a mockery of what their proud, independant forebears once were.

enough of this nonsense. it's past time for the great white mother to cut the welfare purse-strings.


Anonymous said...

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