13 September 2021

Whaddaya mean burning down churches?

Here's what gets the big headlines in Canadian media...
-- "Peel police say they are investigating a hate-motivated incident toward a Mississauga family that took place during 'a faith ceremony' at Barbertown and Mississauga roadson Saturday." --
Couple of questions here...

What exactly is a 'faith ceremony' and why is it being performed on a street corner?

When did being heckled by teenage boys become a 'hate crime.'

-- "The moment the first pictures appeared of 11-year-old Khowlah Noman at a press conference, flanked by her mother in niqab and a Muslim activist from Mississauga, I knew there was something not right." --
UPDATE:   Details trickle out...
-- "A Hindu faith ceremony at a Streetsville park." --