16 August 2021


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  --  “As soon as we leave our compound, it’s clear who is now in charge,” Ward stated in a report. “Taliban fighters have flooded the capital. Smiling and victorious, they took this city of 6 million people in a matter of hours."  --  
"CNN showed a clip of members of the Taliban holding guns up in the air and chanting. 'They’re just chanting, ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time,' Ward advised."
-- "Who or what will Joe Biden surrender to next? Someone should ask him, if they can find him." --
Say what you will about Trump...
“We made abundantly clear … we weren’t going to allow them to just walk away from any deal that they had struck. We were going to go crush them, we were going to impose real costs on them. We weren’t going to let them take these provincial capitals. They understood that American power was going to come to their village, to their community, to their friends and family.”