11 September 2017

I'd still prefer to have...

...a family physician...sunny ways

The Freedom of Information request revealing, essentially, that Ontario’s Liberal government doesn’t have a hope in hell of hitting its own target for electric vehicle purchases ••• let alone getting the public to buy them. The Liberals will spend up to $277 million by 2020to increase the use of electric vehicles.”

Wynne’s plan estimates the long-term cost of reducing emissions through electric vehicle subsides at $75 per tonne.

But in a report released in June, Germain Belzile and Mark Milke of the Montreal Economic Institute calculated Ontario’s subsidy program for electric vehicles will cost at least $523 per tonne of emissions saved.
They look you right in the face and they lie.


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LAST WORD: Don't blame me, Ontario...

...I didn't vote for them...
"Interest still has to be paid on that $311.9 billion by taxpayers, at a rate of almost $1 billion a month, or $11.6 billion annually."
Missing Mike Harris yet?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............unfortunately Wynne will make no efforts to increase the supply and lower the cost of electricity to charge any such vehicles. a dead electric car, charged by a dead wind turbine, or a solar panel at night, sure thing.

Neo Conservative said...

gotta fight that global warming. how about a mass kill of ruminants, cows, sheep, goats etc?

these animals are responsible for 50% more greenhouse gas than the entire transportation sector.