28 October 2014

Ask a Professional Journalist

Even as we bury Corporal Nathan Cirillo in Hamilton today, the mainstream media is busy commiserating with THE REAL VICTIMS of this horrendous crime.

I'm speechless.

The way Canadian media covers firearms related incidents in this country is spectacularly bereft of logic or reason. We know, from the constant panic-laden coverage that firearms ownership, taken largely for granted in our once mostly agricultural nation is now, according to our media betters... a cultural mark of Cain.

It extends even to our proud military, reduced, despite a heightened threat level, to carrying unloaded "ceremonial" rifles. Had Corporal Cirillo and his brethren on duty at the National War Memorial been permitted to carry live rounds (a quick pull on the charging handle to chamber a bullet) in the rifles they were holding, this tragic story could have had a very different ending.

Suddenly, surprisingly, after the murders of two Canadian soldiers in the space of two days, the CBC and like organisations have suddenly embraced firearms. Well, only one firearm, really... and only when it is fired by one unlikely person.

Big Mother, as we are all too well aware, resolutely regards firearms as the Devil's playthings. A businessman who defends his store, or a homeowner who repels a home invasion with a gun are considered criminals. If however, you are defending a politician, suddenly the worm turns.

And where is Wendy Cukier... when you really, really need her? Wendy and her ilk are all very quick to condemn private firearms ownership. They get all shrill and sweaty and aflutter every time a gun surfaces in the Canadian media.

Unlike, however... virtually ever other incident where a violent criminal is shot by police, no one in the media, or on the Opposition benches is demanding to know why Kevin Vickers didn't just shoot Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in the arm or leg.

Vickers immediately ran behind the other side of the pillar. That put him an arm's-length away from Bibeau. According to guards, Vickers actually could see the barrel of Bibeau's gun pointing out, a foot away.

Vickers did not hesitate. In one motion, sources told CBC News he dove to the floor around the pillar, at the feet of Bibeau, turning on his back as he landed and simultaneously firing his weapon upwards at Bibeau.

Bibeau was hit multiple times and fell to the ground. Vickers kept firing, emptying his entire magazine.

As soon as Bibeau dropped, the rest of the security team sprinted forward and opened fire.
Normally, there would be a media frenzy as reporters and left-leaning politicians demanded to know why tasers and teams of social workers had not been deployed.

I guess there are good guns and there are bad guns. Good guns save politicians lives... bad guns just save ordinary citizens.

That's just so wrong. I don't believe my wife or son's life is any less valuable than that of Tom Mulcair. Shouldn't the law of the land reflect that belief?


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Cirillo was shot in the back with a rifle by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, A HOMELESS MAN, who minutes later rushed the Centre Block of Parliament, where he wounded a security officer before being shot to death by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers.
Homeless, huh? I guess Justin Al-Trudeau was right about root causes after all. That whole leaving Canada to go to Saudi Arabia thing must've just been a coincidence.


LAST WORD: The ultimate disrespect

The Ottawa Citizen spits on Nathan Cirillo's grave.


tao_taier said...

Well said.

Homeless people don't target memorial honor guards in the back because they are "disgruntled over their living conditions"...........

Or for any other reason for that matter!

Where as Islamic fundamentalists do and are neither bound to reason or morals.

Anonymous said...

I like your rambling rants. You have managed to convert the murder of soldiers into a series of cheap shots against various people and organizations that you don't like. Brovo.

Anonymous said...

The real difference between us and say...Australia is that by now all mosques would have been burned to the ground and all muslims living in that country would be fearful for their lives. The reason for this is that the Ausies have more love of country and less political correctness BS to deal with than we do. I think in is about time we grew a pair and started to stand up for what is right and just in this country...Steve O

Neo Conservative said...

this is only the start. just wait until one of these terrorists sets off a suicide bomb in a crowded theater or on the subway.

never happen, you say?

these two attacks have everybody's attention. we're all waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Jack Allore said...

Anonymous says " I like your rambling rants""..You're statement indicates that you have no concept of the world within which you exist. And that is probably a good thing for you...denying reality makes you and your ilk feel warm and fuzzy. (until they come to get you.

Neo Conservative said...

jack... nonny shows up here regularly to call me a poopyhead or threaten to burn down my house.

i let the comments through because it highlights the lunacy of the left.


Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian soldier. Your exploitation of the murder of Cpl Cirillo for partisan purposes is disgusting.

Neo Conservative said...

no, nonny... you are my favourite cowardly troll come back to pee on the floor and get some more of mummy's attention.


tao_taier said...

"Australia is that by now all mosques would have been burned to the ground and all muslims living in that country would be fearful for their lives."

Idiot Vanilla Ice or Eminem wannabes harassing women for wearing headcoverings only degrades the situation for everyone.
And gets used as propaganda even though it has nothing to do with a nations character or vast bulk of it.
Though most if not all of those instances are rare (especially relative to muslim harassment,assaults, rapes etc against nonmuslims even here that go unreported!) OR turn out to be hoaxes. *ahem*

Doesn't need to come to that here or there, anyway. I can persuade western muslims away from their death cult.
What happened in Ottawa opened a lot of eyes, including for Muslims who voted against their own in recent municipal elections.

If you can get them to adopt "the golden rule", which does away with prejudice through leading by example in treating everyone how you would like to be treated.
And compliment that with the "lesson of the pencil" by Lenard Read.
HOWEVER, don't waste generosity or kindness on evil, it only enables their pursuits.
(was trying to quote some 18th century genius but I got the gist of it)

Neo Conservative said...

no one here or in australia is burning mosques.

the only place muslims are being killed wholesale is in the muslim middle east and islamic countries in africa.

the threat to islam comes from other muslim sects. it's a "my beads are holier than your beads" situation. sunnis kill shiites and vice-versa.