26 June 2013

Ax me watevah, yo!!!

If you've ever wondered where stereotypes come from... read on...
ax me anytin'If this is the state's "big gun", then they're in worse shape than has been previously reported.
"Before even taking the stand, Jeantel has caused problems for prosecutors. Earlier this year, government lawyers had to acknowledge that Jeantel lied under oath when she claimed that the reason she did not attend Martin’s funeral was due to a hospitalization."
Any halfway competent defence lawyer should be able to play this woman like a violin.

Of course, that doesn't mean the jury won't ignore the actual evidence... look at the OJ Simpson fiasco.


UPDATE: Airbrushing the Politburo
Yesterday afternoon, after TSG sought to contact several of Jeantel’s Twitter followers and Facebook friends, 14 tweets--and 13 linked Twitpic photos--were deleted from her Twitter account .

The scrubbing of Jeantel’s Twitter account, however, did not end there. After 10 PM (Eastern) last night, 43 other tweets were deleted.
It ain't the crime that'll get you... it's the coverup.


LAST WORD: Speaking of Twitter...

...check out the horses mouth.