25 January 2017

Canada Post-Traumatic Doggie Disorder

Civil Service 101...insert alt text here

Cossy’s union, the Association of Postal Officials of Canada, is grieving the dismissal from the $70,000-a-year job and an arbitration hearing is scheduled for March.
Let's face it... that's really outrageous scratch for a job that pretty much consists of reading envelopes and putting one foot in front of the other. It's no wonder Canada Post, along with the CBC is among the country's most egregious money pits.

But that's not the main story. Apparently this rather substantial looking Postie pulled a blade on ferocious attack Shih-Tzu, Willow and her stay at home mom owner.
He started yelling he has a knife,” the woman wrote, feeling especially intimidated because she was alone with three children, including an infant. “He was saying I’m going to slash you, kill you,” the housewife alleged.
Sweet baby jebus.

I remember back in grade 10, when all the stoners started dropping out and getting jobs with the post office. It was seen as a way to walk around all day being paid for getting high. There's a reason the phrase "Going Postal" has entered the vernacular.

And what does the Post Office say?
"Threatening customers or their pets (especially one that weighs as much as a newborn baby) with violence is a serious concern and jeopardizes Canada Post’s reputation," wrote Ottawa West delivery operations manager Denis Demers.
Well, that's certainly setting the bar way up in the stratosphere... we frown on employees threatening to shank, well... almost anyone.

Just another reason to close down Canada Post and sell it to UPS or Fedex.


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...why you should care...
To put this in perspective, the shortfall for Canada Post’s defined-benefit pension plan as of the first quarter of 2016 is $6.1 billion, up from about $3.4 billion two years ago.

That deficit is picked up by Canadian taxpayers, in addition to $3 of pension contributions for every dollar paid by postal workers.
It comes right out of your pocket. Do you care about that?


Bill E said...

Yeah people in new communities have no home mail delivery so Schmucks like Cosey can pull down salaries 3 times what he's worth - agreed, sell it and disband the union.

Neo Conservative said...

canada post is really in a bind here. they have a black guy here who has federal civil service union protection... but if they don't fire him and he goes postal on anyone else, they have a huge liability.

interested to see what impulse wins out here.


Bill E said...

Neo, my guess is thay will take the bureaucratically easy way out and toss principle regardless how odious it will seem to the public , the trend in modern governing is bureaucracies is that public optics matter less and less as their accountability diminishes more and more.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm guessing they promote him (with a sizable raise & zero responsibility to keep his mouth shut) to a desk job in the ass end of a mail transfer facility with plenty of security cameras in the vicinity.

problem solved.