21 June 2008

It may be old news...

...but I've found a new hero...

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio created the "tent city jail" to save Arizona from spending tens of millions of dollars on another expensive prison complex. He has jail meals down to 20 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them.

He banned smoking and pornographic magazines in the jails, and took away their weightlifting equipment and cut off all but "G" movies. He says: "They're in jail to pay a debt to society not to build muscles so they can assault innocent people when they leave."
Hey, Corrections Canada... are you listening?
He started chain gangs to use the inmates to do free work on county and city projects and save taxpayer's money. Then he started chain gangs for women so he wouldn't get sued for discrimination.

He took away cable TV until he found out there was a federal court order that required cable TV for jails. So he hooked up the cable TV again but only allows the Disney channel and the weather channel.

When asked why the weather channel, he replied: "So these morons will know how hot it's gonna be while they are working on my chain gangs."
Gawd... I think I'm in love.

(h/t reader northern annie)





Yes, yes, CC... we all know how kind & compassionate you are. Say, while we're at it... let's revisit your pet theory about those dastardly, evil Jews.

Now, I have to say it's pretty flattering that CC apparently reads... not only every word I write these days... but all the comments too.

And maybe I've unfairly pegged the Cynic, who also apparently has nothing to do with Stephen J. Walter, who once also blogged as Canadian Cynic... as a nasty, uncaring fellow.

Apparently CC is all about disabled rights. Who knew?

If only he had as much compassion for the grieving mother of a dead Canadian soldier.

Funny how that works.


FROM THE COMMENTS: The lefties reply...
Romantic Heretic says... "My first thought when reading stuff like this is to plant some cocaine on the people who think it's a wonderful idea. And tell the authorities about it."
No surprise here, huh? Say hi to CC for me.