26 March 2012

Dalton McSlippery's Ontario...

...strikes yet another blow for oppressed womankind...get it on, bang the gongI guess Jack Layton was just ahead of his time...
"The judges conceded that brothels can be used to conceal underaged prostitutes or those trafficked from foreign countries, but said those ills must be attacked as best the police are able."
Yeah, you know... like going after the "real" criminals.


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...it's about "health & safety" stupid...
"The laws around prostitution make it impossible to hire, say, a bodyguard or a driver, or to work out of an apartment."
Of course, the same thing could be said about dealing crack up at Jane & Finch... to wit, that it is an inherently dangerous enterprise.

Perhaps the question ought to be... should the government be enabling behavior that apparently attracts criminals and sociopaths like, say... salmon attracts grizzly bears?


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