24 August 2010

Honestly, Sheila... we'd really like to...

...help you out here... but the Fiberals already spent that 2 billion dollars tracking down farmers, duck hunters & skeet shooters...
farmer bob rifle registr

Auditor General Ms. Fraser says the full implementation of electronic health records by doctors and hospitals would provide better data for assessing how well the health-care system is performing.

She says such information is critical to help federal, provincial and territorial governments improve health-care planning and show whether tax dollars are being spent wisely.

Fraser says economic projections suggest health care will continue to take an ever-bigger slice of government budgets as the proportion of Canadians over 65 continues to grow.
Thank you, once again, Allan Rock.


Michael Harkov said...

Neo, all I've heard blathered from Liberal bloggers latley on this issue of the gun resistry is that the police chiefs across Canada support keeping it.

But when I mention that according to a police survey done by Cst. Randy Kuntz that of 2,631 police officers (who responded from every province and territory) 2,410 (91%) of those police officers want the gun registry scrapped and regard it to be useless as a crime fighting tool, believing it poses a danger to police, I get the response that this is merely an "unscientific poll" and that it means squat.

So when I provide a "scientific "poll from Angus Reid that -
Only 13 per cent of respondents believe the Canadian Firearms Registry has been successful.", well I get silence.

A I always say, the word "hypocrisy" used to be an adjective to describe "Liberal". But now it is a synonym.



Anonymous said...

According to Blair the registry only costs $4 million a year now.

But the flap last week says there will be jobs for the 200 people who are put out of work if the registry closes.

$4 million doesn't pay the wages for 200 civil servants, let alone their benefits and the expenses like power, phones, computer upgrades etc etc etc.

The head of the police chiefs would never lie about something as important as our safety and freedom would he?


Anonymous said...

How about Health Canada stops supporting a 2 tier system, have the natives move to the provincial health care system.


The Acadia Band is local to me, here are their numbers.

Population: (As of December 31, 2009)
Total: 1,070
On-Reserve: 180 Off-Reserve: 889

$850K in the 4th qtr of last fiscal year.


Neo Conservative said...

blair just spits out whatever numbers his office staff puts on the page.

gawd forbid he thought about going after actual violent criminals.


JA Goneaux said...

Something tells me that any cop who doesn't exercise caution on any call probably gets a new partner quite often.

Seriously: I'm a cop. I get a call, and on the way to the address I consult" the gun registry. Oh, that address doesn't have a gun registered. Lovely!

Ok, there are pit bulls chained to the front of the house, and gang signs on the side, but, hey, the gun registry says there are no guns there. I'm not even gonna take my billy club with me. Just a smile!

Coming soon to the CBC, no doubt: Ace Copper: Database User.