09 June 2010

Meanwhile... Prime Minister Jack Layton...

...has just announced that he is disbanding the Canadian military...

The new party would possibly be named the Liberal Democrats and there has been tentative talk about what a shared platform would look like and an understanding that a race would be required to choose a new leader.

"Serious people are involved in discussions at a serious level," Warren Kinsella, a former adviser to former prime minister Jean Chr├ętien, told CBC News.
Hmmm... has anybody mentioned this little development to Count Ignatieff?


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halls of macadamia/C'mon, Michael... who's really driving the little red clown car?
In an exclusive interview with The Canadian Press, Ignatieff dismissed talk of a merger or any sort of election non-compete agreement with the NDP as "absurd."

"Liberals will campaign to form a Liberal government. We aren't interested in coalitions."


FROM THE COMMENTS: Damn... there's my real post title.
"Any chance the new party could be called 'Shit From Hell'? It's a natural."
Oh my gawd... it's like Fonzie meets the Flintstones.


UPDATE: Ignatieff, Layton run for cover...

...as commenters at Globe & Mail get frisky...
"I wish Iggy would merge with a spine."


bocanut said...

WK is about as credible as his alter ego-'lil weenie, lead screecher for geezer punk band Shit For Brains.

Neo Conservative said...

i dunno boca... it's like "special k" has a sixth sense about these things...

"Kinsella admitted an agreement to scrap the Liberal party and create a new one would upset some members."

see what i mean? it's just spooky.


maryT said...

Remember, all it took for former ndp premiers to become liberals was a 10.00 membership. Neither has ever renounced their beliefs in NDP ideas.
I think they were the start of the Trojan Horse, infiltrating the libs to disband them and take over.

Peter said...

Let's hear Neo defend the million dollar fake lake.

Sammy said...

Neo,Iggy just stated in the post-caucus scrum,"I have no relationship with Warren Kinsella"..what is going on????????

Neo Conservative said...

done, petey... and hey, maybe you should read slower.

okay... now it's your turn.

when exactly do we get our 2 billion dollars back?


bullpup said...

Ignatieff just said that WK was not authorized to talk about the merger. Hmmmm, either WK was premature or maybe; as Levant suggests, WK was fired by Ignatieff.

Barbara said...

Actually, I believe WK. And I think the 'serious people' he refers to are named Bob and Jack.

Rich said...

Any chance the new party could be called "Shit From Hell"? It's a natural.
They'd have a lock on the punk-rock music/campaign thingee ....it has just sooo many things going for it.
Imagine Iggy in leather, festooned with chrome studs and chains.
Or maybe it'll be Bob Rae cuz this whole story reeks of a palace coup and defenestration.

Neo Conservative said...

i dunno guys... warren's a political wunderkind... it's not like he's ever misstepped before...

"I wonder if Kinsella has liquid paper all over his computer screen."


Anonymous said...

We’ve got a government that is misspending public money—the fake lake, the gazebo, the boat that doesn’t float—have entered the folklore of Canadian politics as a classic example of fiscal irresponsibility.

The price tag for security for the back-to-back summits has exceeded $1 billion.

There's no need for a merger, Harper's destroying himself.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll says... There's no need for a merger"

funny... that's not what respected elder-fiberal teflon jean and his one-time political igor, special k, are saying.

"ad-scam, who?!"

best to travel hopefully, huh gomer?


Rich said...

So if Kinsella is right about the plans, either Iggy is lying or he is out of the loop and there is a revolt underway.
If so, Rae will be the leader of the new-party faction and you can bet he has done his homework.
I wonder how many libs know that the rats are scurrying down the hawsers of the plague-ship Lieberal in a panic.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm, kinsella, kinsella... that rings a bell.

he's the really cool guy, right?


Rose said...

Oh cheer up leftards, sure his lake isn't real and his boat don't float but at least neither is as dangerous as those run down subs the libs bought for millions.

And for the record you dead beat leftards the lake cost less than 70,000, please for the love of gawd would you retards learn how to count?

I believe shit for brains, the libs planned the last coalition under the veil of complete secrecy it's not like telling the truth is part of their political ethos.

Neo Conservative said...

heck... don't take my word for it... ask a sworn liberal stalwart...

"I’ve had it. I’ve had enough. I’ve had it with the petty games and the back-stabbing and the power-plays. We’ve been running on this same hamster wheel of bull since the 1980s, so you think we’d get a freaking clue at some point."


maryT said...

Re the steamship. It was never a part of the cost for the summits. But, if it could have been ready it would have been. Seems the guy who can put the boiler together had a heart attack and it was 12 wks before he could get back to work. this steamship retrofit or rebuild has been going on for 10 years, mostly by private money and they have not got one cent of summit money. It was for the 100th birthday of Toronto, as it was built 100 years ago in Toronto. But, as usual, TO doesn't want to get any world coverage as a tourist destination. Did you know that Winston Churchill was once a passenger on said ship.
Every project re the stimulus program has been lumped into summit spending by libs and media, all spewing lies in the HofC and in the press.

Neo Conservative said...

merger update: kinsella hears a who?

responding to iggy's denials about a lib-ndp merger... "special k" has now filed an affidavit testifying to his version of events... basically kicking alf apps in the wedding tackle.

this just gets better & better.


liberal supporter said...
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Rich said...

Toamorrow, I'll bring the nachos and popcorn; who is bringing beer?
You are all invited to watch the fun as it unfolds in the press and on TV.
RIP Rattus Liberalis.