05 March 2010

Bias... what media bias?

Now, now, Mr. Shaw... isn't that just a tad embarrassing?

Funny how an oh-so professional journalist... once again... forgot to even mention this guy's party affiliation...

Danderfer and his wife, a senior official in the Ministry of Children and Family Development, were suspended in the summer of 2007, and retired that October.

The charges are a result of a lengthy investigation into an alleged kickback scheme involving the ministry of health and consultants for its eHealth project.
Scratch a Liberal... or apparently... a reporter at a big metropolitan daily... find a scammer.

Wake up folks... and smell the manipulation.


Anonymous said...


I know not on topic.

I hope all is well

Hope your father in law is OK

All the best to you and your family

Frances said...

Good to see you back. I had wondered what had hit your life to the extent that you weren't blogging at all.

Anonymous said...

We have a bozo in the lead for mayor of Toronto, who knows where 100s of millions of ehealth kickbacks went but he ain't talkin. The media doesn't bother to ask him either. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Book of Law of the Universe.

Law # 812.:

When, for whatever the transgressions may be, a political miscreant is exposed but his political affiliation is not - ASSUME, KNOW WITH A CERTAINTY, that the blaggard is a Librano Pol, hack, operative, supporter, contributor ;), party official MSM journo-enabler --- or is married to one, sleeps with one, is friends with one, is currying favour with one, is angling for a future appointment through one, knows someone who knows someone whose cousin secretly dates one who is purported to be close to a big, connected, librano hotshot.

Law # 812 (A) The MSM, and most MSM employees, hate, with a visceral passion bordering on X-Derangement Syndrome, anything that might smack as alternative to their God-Given Rights of Entitlement.

Corollary (A) The Perp's hidden agenda / hidden colours, where undeclared, are Liberal red.

Corollary (B) The MSM, more often than not, covers for the Poopin' Puffin Libranos.

Axiom of rare exception (X)

Sometimes the MSM departs from it role as liberal cheerleader in chief and lapses back into a state of real journalism. to wit: Globe&Mail uncovering the Adscam/Sponsorhip Shawinigate scandal(s).

Toronto Star uncovering e-health crap, Prov Liberal party skimming of Airport GTAA bucks for arty coffers.

(Both papers didn't dig deep enough. More simply gets small, and brief exposure, then quickly disappear from conciousness.

Who are we mere citizens, not of the Librano Faith and persuasionson, to expect any more, any fair and honest reportage?

How do ya like it now that we're back in the U.S.S.R.?