13 January 2010

I think the first thing we do...

...is break out the breathalyzer...

"In a bizarre, rambling interview this afternoon, Michael Ignatieff's Finance Critic John McCallum openly accused the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces of committing war crimes in Afghanistan."

"He said, 'they may have been committing war crimes, handing over detainees knowing that they were very likely to be tortured, that is a war crime.' (CBC Newsworld, January 12, 2010)"
And it looks like Iggy's backing the play here...
Michael Ignatieff wants the House of Commons to resume quickly so his MPs can investigate "the conduct of our troops in the field."
Mark Steyn calls this strike...
"We Eurabia types aren't predicting a Muslim conquest on a set date in 2025 but a remorseless, incremental surrender. And, actually, we're not predicting it, because it's already well under way."


langmann said...

Considering the liberals made them do it, would that make them conconspirators? (remember back when we used to hand prisoners to the US but that was deemed unpalatable by Chretien).

What a sellout.

Anonymous said...

McCallum can always denie it by sayng "I was pissed AGAIN and didn't realize what I was saying". The guy is a POS.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

The Liberals are inficted with greasy sleaze and need to pull out the mop and clean house with a combination of bleach and detergent. Between McCallum, Fry, Bennett, Jennings and Rae they are in a cesspool of trouble. Are they the best representatives of the Liberals or the only ones who will run on the Liberal label. Cheers.

gimbol said...

I guess Harper's strategy of forcing the liberals to use their own soapbox is having the effect of having them increasing their volume to be heard.
This is the problem when you try to get a message out using multiple voices.
You lose control of the message.
The facebook thing went off the rails when it became obvious Iggy didn't want to touch the constitutional third rail (not about prorgation just who used it).
Now in an effort to maintain the media's attention, they've sent out members of caucus as "experts" and just so that they don't sound scripted, Donolo has convinced Iggy they should be able to free wheel, cause they want to use the "Harper control freak"(tm) line later on.
The obvious question is now staring the liberals and the Ottawa press corps in the face.
If the so-called war crimes where going on, are you saying it only started the day Harper took the oath of office in Feb 06?
The liberals have only two options now, sacrifice one of their own, or let the story die.

Honey Pot said...

The liberal party accusing our Canadian soldiers of war crimes is not the real story here. That has been reported already, with the liberals in the court of public opinion,rightfully taking their places as the sleazy scumbags they are.

The real story is the reporter interviewing the liberal piss tank trying to hide the fact the liberals are accusing our Canadian soldiers of war crimes.

Your job oh Susannah was to let him go on, and on. Your job was to get the message out coast to coast that the liberal party is accusing our soldiers of war crimes.

Susannah did you try to cover it up because you are ashamed of the fact the liberal party has sunk to the bottom of the cesspool? Did it make you want to go home and dose yourself in javex, knowing you are part of the liberal media machine?

Did you not have time enough to prep him, tell him what to say, how to say it?

The new media can't take over soon enough, as far as I am concerned.

robins111 said...

This is going to stick to Iffy & drunken John, like shit to a woll blanket.

Drunken John needs a good kick in the groin and the Ceeb needs to come clean on this.

I can see that she tried to teflon it, but that aint going to happen.

Neo Conservative said...

really, this is way worse than people might think.

as kate at sda points out...

"McCallum is a former Minister of National Defence."

friends don't let friends vote liberal.


maryT said...

With that e-mail going out for donations, wonder if this interview will increase them or decrease them.

Anonymous said...

We need an investigation immediately to get to the truth of the matter. War criminals must be smoked out and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Anyone who truly believes in justice must fight for accountability and a full inquiry. We have coddled criminals for too long in this country.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny-bot cries... Anyone who truly believes in justice"

oh, look... another anonymous little piece of shit rises up from the muck to slander our brave soldiers.



Anonymous said...
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Neo Conservative said...

"liberal supporter whines... Delete some more comments, chickenshit"

gladly... buh-bye.