15 January 2010

Be careful what you wish for

Scottish ski resort disappears under strange white substance...

After a two-day blizzard, the operators have had to bring in huge caterpillar vehicles and snow blowers to try to clear the approach road and the slopes.

"We had to contract in huge 17-tonne caterpillar earth-movers," Mr Matthew added. "They have spent two days now working about 18 hours a day trying to clear the roads."
Gimme my "Global Warming" right now.


BDFT said...

And meanwhile, here in northern BC, its been above zero and raining for almost a week. Most of our snow is gone. It seems Gaia has a sense of humour

Neo Conservative said...

"bdft says... Gaia has a sense of humour"

gonna be one heckuva olympic games i guess.