11 January 2010

Balancing the Cosmic Wheel

It's not about "the when"......it's about "the principle" of the thing...

"The hard line Canadian blogger has ordered the formation of a team to study the damages Western civilization suffered from the 498 BC Persian invasion in order to demand compensation."
Hey, Peace Moonbeam... it's good enough for Canada's aboriginal peoples... it's good enough for me.


Martin said...

Ah, another week and another swipe at the brown people! Well done conservaturd! Still not working eh?

Neo Conservative said...

ah, yes... the perennially compassionate enlightened mahatma martin.

unfortunately, marty... in your haste to "sharpton" me... you screwed up yet again.

you see... persians, these days known as iranians... are actually an indo-european people (funnily enough, known as aryans). i suspect they might be inclined to see you as a bit of a redneck for trying to racially pigeonhole them as "brown people".

but, infamous dumbstick that you are... that really doesn't matter to you, does it?

like your fellow uber-troll "liberal supporter"... racism is whatever you want it to be.

hey, princess... why don't you explain to everyone how i really got your goat by being... what was it again... a "jew tolerator"?

p.s. - speaking of work... you on coffee break... or do you just devote every waking hour of your life to trolling the blogging tories?


Martin said...

Nice try conservaturd. The latin root for Aryan is Arianus meaning "Iran". Your Nazi obsession aside, I can assure you that there weren't many blue eyed Nordic types running around ancient Persia. So sad huh turdy? But hey, it's only Monday and there are plenty of other brown people to bloooog about.

You realize alot of Jews are brown, some are even black ! But you can tolerate a few dark Hebes if it gives you free reign to hate everyone else.

ps. I think we both know who spends more time obsessing on the internet but honesty has never been your strong point. Let's get real. How many hours are you gonna devote to your blooog today? 5, 6?
Pathetic and liar. It's important that you're reminded.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin says... I can assure you that there weren't many blue eyed Nordic types running around ancient Persia"

oh, marty... you really are dumb as dogshit... you thought i meant persians were the ancestors of the nazis? good grief.

"The overwhelming majority of historical sources regard the people of present Persia (Iran) descendants of Aryans who are thought to have migrated from some far northern land towards south including the present land of Persia, destroyed native people and civilizations and replaced them."

"The date of this great migration is speculated to be sometimes between 3000 to 5000 years ago."

maybe try reading a non-nazi book or two before you start up your next troll-fest.

btw... that's some coffee break.


Martin said...

Oh look....conservaturd has mastered wikipedia. Most impressive. You know what you meant. Getting weaker by the day. Weren't you nominated for most pathetic blog or something close recently? Oh wait... I know, it was the biggest moron. Did you win?

Neo Conservative said...

puh-leese, marty... you're killin' me.

you actually thought i meant persians were the ancestors of the nazis?