18 December 2009

Debbie Does Dildoes

Urgent... some might say... insatiable...Who says the Liberal Party of Canada doesn't have any clearly articulated vision or policies?

They sent the letter to Carolyn Bennett, a Liberal MP and physician who they knew once cared for one of the sisters' relatives. It impressed the MP.

“I frankly didn't know about international orgasm day,” says Dr. Bennett.

“These two young women were so compelling in terms of their environmental credibility, in terms of why they were wanting to do this … I thought I should send the minister of health a letter.”

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LAST WORD: All about the ladies


Bec said...

And I thought all of the whacks had been in Copenhagen these last few weeks.
She's the gift, that just keeps on giving...ha thanks!

Neo Conservative said...

the liberal party of canada... all oiled up and ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dr.Bennett would like to launch a public inquiry into whether or not Canada has supplied any of these killer dildos to the women of Afghanistan.

What is our government hiding?

Pissedoff said...

Memo to Bennett and the sex sisters

Use the real thing.

jwkozak91 said...

Hey Neo,

Do you remember what happened the last time the (governing) Liberal Party of Canada and the American "adult entertainment industry" got in bed together?

Answer: that great showcase of Canadian culture /sarc, the "feminist porn film" "Bubbles Galore" - written by, directed and starring Nina Hartley.

When your wallet was being rogered - twice.

Rich said...

And we thought the "puffin" thing was funny!
Does the LPOC require that a majority of their female MP's be nutbars or only a significant number?
Global warming will be worked into this yet somehow.

gimbol said...

Actualy not surprised.

LPC=Nancyboys, busybodies, and killjoys

Honey Pot said...

Wood for your beaver? Eco-friendly wooden sex toys. I can't see that going off. The point of the sex toy is the vibration qualities. No female is going to go back to the old-fashioned wooden type.

Sammy said...

I for one am vibrating with outrage that the neo-cons don't care for the 'wimmins'

Neo Conservative said...

you've just gotta love the kind of stuff that makes it on to the liberal's "urgent" list.


Anonymous said...

If they get all excited about dildoes, it's tempting to present them with a scam issue just to see their hand-wringing and slobbering, and then yell gotcha! just when they get take to the press.
AGW is taken.
Any other ideas?

heh...since word verification is 'brabla'...perhaps something about bras?