29 April 2009

More Liberal corruption... yawn

Stand by for breaking news... on gravity holding stuff down...

-- QUEBEC CITY -- Jean Charest's government was groping to explain a potential conflict of interest scandal Wednesday in which public funds were allegedly steered to companies owned by provincial Liberals.

Documents released by the official opposition showed that a regional economic development fund set up to boost the economy of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region was being used to finance companies owned by Liberals located mainly in the Montreal region.


Anonymous said...

Ah...yes. Liberal business as usual. Makes one wonder why their poll numbers are going up.

Philanthropist said...

Canada is in a good position to take advantage of the US march to socialism by attracting ideas and investment from the US, but instead of that, the poll numbers appear to indicate that Canadians want to throw away prosperity in order to have our very own Harvard socialist borrow lots of money to 'bailout' his business cronies.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, yes... the never-ending socialist "dumbing down" of canada.

where else in the entire world, could a man return to a country after three decades elsewhere... and write a book about "true patriot love".

oh canada.


Anonymous said...

Considering that Count Ignatieff re-instated to the Liberal Party the active participants in the Sponsorship scandal -- it appears that corruption is back to the forefront of the liberal Party of Canada.

I gather they are using the provincial public troughs to replenish the federal Liberal Party election fund and keep those Liberal owned companies on life support.

Jen said...

I wonder if the so call national media will broadcast more liberal added corruption..............NO.
What exactly are the media doing making completely asses of themselves by hiding the 'continuation of liberals corruption'
I actually think the NATIONAL MSM(CTV, CBC G/M T/S are afraid to tell you the truth of the liberals corruption far less don't have the capacity nor the guts to ask for our money back.
MAN, THESE PEOPLE ARE COWARDS. No wonder they are experiencing problems within their industries whereas we,who most of us are not journalists or reporters but superb researchers have done; are doing, what those cowards are afraid to do 'STAND UP FOR CANADA CANADIANS TROOPS. PROUD OF YOU.

Bec said...

"What exactly are the media doing making completely asses of themselves by hiding the 'continuation of liberals corruption'"

Just watch, if this thing blows up, the Canadian media headings will say, "JC,former federal CONSERVATIVE Leader"....blah,blah blah.
I would bet money on it!