22 February 2009

Muslim Brotherhood launches...

..."Operation Shoot Myself in the Face"...

-- CAIRO -- An attacker threw a grenade into a famed bazaar in medieval Cairo on Sunday, killing a Frenchwoman and wounding at least 17 others — most of them foreign tourists, officials said.
Don't worry, though... this was an inclusive multi-cultural deal...
The wounded included three Saudis, 10 French, a German and three Egyptians, said Health Minister Hatem al-Gibali. He told the state news agency that the wounds were largely superficial, though one French victim needed surgery.
And here's the schizophrenic punchline...
Tourism is one Egypt's major sources of foreign income.

UPDATE: Another stunning victory for Allah
"The tourist killed was identified as a 17-year-old girl by French authorities."

LAST WORD: In other breaking news...

...unbelievably... some Canadians, er... take a stand.




shlemazl said...

At least they don't do it out of hate. Loved this bit: "Personally, I don't hate anyone: not French people, not the Germans, not Christians, not EVEN Jews."

Neo Conservative said...

*"shlemazl says... not EVEN Jews."

awful lot of slaughter, for so little hate, huh?

anybody get a pithy quote from sid ryan or anybody else down at cupe?


kursk said...

Since i was child, i have always wanted to see the pyramids in Egypt, or travel the Nile, or see the valley of the Kings..sadly, you are taking your life and placing it into the hands of Islamist fanatics when you visit Muslim dominated countries.

Every one of those tourists must have had the same conversation before embarking on the trip..'I know it's dangerous, but perhaps I will beat the law of averages'.

I will go one day, but i will try by any means possible to be near the guards with the Kalishnikovs.

I am familiar with them, and will use one to defend my life, and others if need be.Hopefully the guards would help, but i wouldn't count on it..come hell or high water, that AK would be in my hands..

Neo Conservative said...

"kursk says... Every one of those tourists must have had the same conversation before embarking on the trip"

try imagine what conversation the parents of this 17 year-old girl will have for the rest of their lives.