05 October 2008

And who's right there...

...in the thick of it?

Of course... Mrs. Taliban Jack...

Shouting "Omar in, Harper Out," close to a hundred protesters rallied outside Toronto's U.S. consulate Sunday to demand that Canada bring Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr home.

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"Only about 10% of Green Party candidates will go on the record saying that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization."

"None will go on record saying that Hezbollah supporters in our streets should be condemned."


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough , I heard Jack and Olivia both opine about how they would endorse Pro-Bush Americans coming to canada to vote in our Elections while not having to hold a Citizenship.

Olivia was at a "No one is illegal" rally and feels that any American that can step on Canadian sooil should have all the Rights as Citizens and have their kids get a free Education and Health care.

Who would have thought that the NDP would back Republicans from the USA crossing into canada to vote in our Elections and then go back home.

Neo Conservative said...

it's just gotta be really confusing for folks like the khadrs... do you vote ndp, or green?


syncrodox said...


I get where you're going with this one but I know Peace MoonBeam/Scooter and Ellie May ain't no Peace Moonbeam!

The real Peace is a wicked satirist and Ellie May is a sophomoric weasel, although they both have American roots.


Anonymous said...

Left wing fascists and their siren songs, the gullible love it.