23 September 2007

No Rap... No Funeral

Anybody out there have Attorney General Michael Bryant's cellphone number?

-- MISSISSAUGA -- A young rapper who called himself Tactix and who rhymed about violence on the streets was killed in an apparent stabbing early yesterday at a townhouse.
The 24 year old man, whose non-street name was Jermaine Alexander Malcolm, poetically listed his hometown as SCARTOWN on his MySpace page... street slang for Scarborough.
"He was a good guy," a friend of Malcolm said near the crime scene yesterday. "He was one of my best friends, yo."

"He was a young guy, yo, he didn't deserve this shit."
Perhaps it would be more fitting to remember to remember the multi-talented Tactix in his own words...
Im here to be herd and it will be DONE!!!

How could anybody argue with that?


Surprise!!! There's a pharmaceutical angle
It may have been a stab wound to the chest that killed wannabe rapper Jermaine Malcolm but it’s drugs that are behind the death, Peel police said Sunday.

“There is a drug angle to this,” Const. J.P. Valade said, adding Malcolm, who used the stage name Tactix, was “very well-known” to cops in the region.

Valade would not comment on whether Malcolm had any gang ties but his MySpace website makes several references to the Meadowvale Bloods and MDV (Money, Drugs and Violence).

"Congratulations to Jermaine for living the dream."

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jermaine for living the dream.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... living the dream"

note that his myspace url was thugtactix45...

and he even failed at that.


GTK said...

These 2 comments were obviously made by 2 racist White Canadians.. Just because he talked about guns, drugs and called himself a "thug", does not mean he was not a human being..u faggots are making a mockery out of a young mans death..u racist motherfuckers..Its a lifestyle he lived because of the surroundings..he was a good person by heart i knew him for years..U pussies just like to talk shit and do nothing..

Neo conservative why dont u do something bout the issue rather than talk shit..get more of your white cops to take over a area like Meadowvale and show these "thugs" whose in charge rather than drive around and stop random people for weed and smoke it..u corrupted motherfuckers..

u pussies better reply back to me..if u real men


P.S-Fuck u

GTK said...

Neo Conservative..u talk bout "changing the world". you are not changing shit, your sorry ass sits near a computer and just talk "smart" and make "smart" comments. You think that makes u look important? You are nothing. U ever been to Jane and Finch, regent park, rexdale..go their one day and see how they are living in poverty while ur fat ass is at home just fucking, drinking beer and sitting on ur little computer..How the fuck u changing the world? You ever had to start at 0 and be something in the future..NO! ur punk ass dad or ur grandfather left money for ur lazy ass..these "thugs" as u say picked up a style in rap (gangsta raP) which ur white rich kids love..and thats how he makes his money by making music..

Enough said..u ignorant piece of shit..I wish i knew who u were..i wish...

Neo Conservative said...

"gtk said... Its a lifestyle he lived because of the surroundings,,, thats how he makes his money by making music... your sorry ass sits near a computer and just talk "smart" and make "smart" comments."

not at 2.15 this morning it wasn't... you get much sleep last night homie?

it's a lifestyle this dumbass chose... "There is a drug angle to this,” Const. J.P. Valade said, adding Malcolm, who used the stage name Tactix, was “very well-known” to cops in the region."

your buddy fancied himself a tough guy, a thug... and he even failed at that. yeah, us pussies are just gonna have to settle for our lousy homes, jobs and families.

love the spelling, sentiment and the diction here... say hello to all your buddies in millhaven for me.

please come on back and share more of your deep thoughts... it's hilarious.


Neo Conservative said...

"gtk said... u pussies better reply back to me..if u real men - muslimg7@hotmail.com"

all the displaced anger, now I get it...

looks like 'muslimg7' is having a little trouble with his religious beliefs and with the ladies.


ratto said...

"2 racist White Canadians... you racist motherfuckers"

... uhm, good thing your not racist though or else that comment may have come off hypocritical

Listen, I'm from Meadowvale, I've lived there my entire life (26 years!) and this gang violence life style is bullshit. I lived in "ghetto" buildings (Glen Erin & Derry), I didn't have money from my "punk ass dad" so yeah, I started at 0. I went to school, earn a university degree and got a fucking good job. When i was a teenager and broke I fucking worked at grocery stores! Meadowvale is full of them! I didn't need to live a Tony Montana / 50 Cent - 'Get rich or die trying' lifestyle to make it happen!

The other thing thats retarded though is Meadowvale/Mississauga is a beautiful city full of opportunity! There is absolutely no need for someone to sell drugs or whatever to survive.... this isnt' some urban slum or whatever.. this is middle class canada!

All of this drama about gangs and what have you is 100% artifical. There is absolutely no way that this way of life was necessary to survive there.

So yeah, GTK, would I have wanted your buddy to die... hell's no! All said and done, i'm sure your buddy was a good guy who was passionate about Hip Hop but wtf, you can be into hip hop without acting a fool! I like hip hop and rap culture and I've never been close to being stabbed by someone!!!.... saying hip hop culture is responsible for his actions is a total cop out. No one deserves to die from stupid violence but you can't say that he died because was a product of his environment or lifestyle or whatever because its simply not true.... we both know it.

Your buddy made some bad choices. Choices we was definitely not forced to take and unfortunately his lifestyle caught up to him.

The question I have for you GTK is, you got mad at the other guys because they "talk shit and do nothing..." What the hell do you want them to do? Like in an ideal world, do you plan on having them arrange a time so you can meet up to fight or something???

thats fucking weak

Plus, as you put it... online - white people are the gangsters... So yeah, the open threats via email... your lucky if you dont get the white version of a digital drive-by

see you at Macs near Millers Grove playboy

Neo Conservative said...

"ratto said... you got mad at the other guys"

instead of threatening people who have nothing to do with gangs, drugs and murder... if he really cared about his buddy, he could try getting pissed at these guys...

The first suspect is described as:
a black male in his 20s, six-foot-tall with short hair and possible facial hair and wearing a red T-shirt and a black jacket.

The second suspect is described as:
a black make in his 20s, five-foot-10 with a slim build and afro-style hair and wearing a black coat.

you know... instead of adhering to some stupid thug code and protecting them.


ratto said...

"and protecting them." Exactly... the no snitching rule is retarded.

"Walk and live. Talk and bumbaclaat dead!" (Dancehall Queen.. i had to..)

If the cops are so stupid and all they do is bust people for smoking weed... then fucking help them! Call in 222-TIPS and get the cops to fucking swat team the guys who killed your friend!

Like I understand you feel like your friend deserves respect.. but don't get mad at us for stating the truth

Neo Conservative said...

"ratto said... I understand you feel like your friend deserves respect.."

according to police, his pal was a well known thug who was hip deep in some very bad shit.

the fact that this goof got peeled like a grape when a drug deal went sideways, testifies to his stellar character.

save your respect for someone who contributes to society... instead of trying to tear it down.


publizity said...

WTF lol peel housing aint no fucking "ghetto" You herb You people have no respect and all you do is just run your damn mouth's or should i say type your damn fingers off, fucking herbs. You talking about shit you have no clue of. Your facts come from fucking google ,you tricks

Anonymous said...

Some people have nerve only behind a computer screen. I guess blogs are for people like that.

Right now, whether you believe Tactix to be the worst thing that walked the Earth, or the best friend in the world, please pay attention to what I'm saying for a minute.


Ignorance is defined as lack of knowledge(simple enough for you?). Speaking out of ignorance is SPEAKING on what you know NOTHING about. If you don't know what life Tactix ALLEGEDLY lived, or what COULD cause someone to take that ALLEGED path, your still just promoting your ignorance to the world... excuse me, I mean just the internet world.

I was a friend of Tactix, and NEVER saw any shady side of his life. All I know of him was good, and never saw anything else, so I feel I CAN PAY MY RESPECTS TO A FRIEND THAT PASSED, WHETHER OR NOT AN INTERNET BLOGGER SAYS OTHERWISE.

Don't pay any attention to the guy disrespecting the memory of a living breathing human being we knew.

P.S. Neo-Conservative... hmmm... sounds like a Bush supporter. Bush's a Gangster(Bush Family), Drug Abuser, and an idiot. Talk about yourselves some more instead of pointing fingers, Conservatives... its the world YOU created.

Neo Conservative said...

"anonymous said... Some people have nerve only behind a computer screen"

thank you "mr anonymous"... for the obviously oblivious and unintentionally hilarious observation.


Neo Conservative said...

"pubic-city said...You talking about shit you have no clue of"

it's true... don't know a thing about dealin' crack... or murder... but i know a dangling preposition when i see it.

you really think you'll do any better at the thug stuff than tactix?

you might just wanna think about... i dunno... welding school?


Anonymous said...

Neo-Nazi.. excuse me... Neo-Conservative said: "thank you 'mr anonymous'... for the obviously oblivious and unintentionally hilarious observation."

Look at that I post a non-theatening, non-offensive post to either give you another view other than your own, or to spark a civilized debate, and the only thing you can state is about what name I posted as. THIS IS YOUR BLOG!! YOU ARE HIDING BEHIND IT!!!

I only posted as anonymous to avoid registering with your one-sided thread of the garbage you type... and we all know you would only type it, and not encourage open debate in person. I guess you don't believe in yourself that much.lol THIS IS YOUR BLOG, SO YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE HIDING HERE SINCE EVERYTHING ELSE POSTED IS ONLY IN RESPONSE.lol

I spoke in defence of hiphop, and in defence of the memory of a friend, and rightly so. If it wasn't right you would address what was said, but you didn't, did you? I left a positive, intelligent post, and you ran to hide from the content to state a petty, empty line about my name on YOUR BLOG.lol

I couldn't confirm if it was his life or not, but what he said rang true to many. Whether you want to hide from the reality that these things exist or not, THEY DO!!!

The music that we know and love, tells us the good the bad and the ugly of THE REAL WORLD. If you have a probably with drugs getting into the country to be sold, complain about the suit and tie conservatives that get them cross borders, not the guy that did a song about it.
And did you think guns and other arms were imported by young baggy pants hiphop listeners???lol... OFCOURSE NOT!!! Blame the suits and ties(some of them being your boys in blue that you hail, and trust so much), not the guy that rhymed this gun type with that one in iambic pentameter... oh, lose you???lol THAT'S RIGHT... ITS ART!!

As stated on his myspace page, Tactix was "living the dream"... the dream was his music success. He was an artist that made audio photos(not your abstract art) of many peoples lives. Because of this, he gain the respect and admiration of his peers... like a dream in ANY PROFESSION. You clearly don't listen to HipHop to know the context of our sayings and phrasings, which is why you mock what you have NO IDEA ABOUT.

Instead of calling out the people on the bottom of the totem pole, why not get some guts, watch the Documentary Cocaine Cowboys about the OLD CONSERVATIVE WHITE, NON-HIPHOP SUBURBAN community that helped to initiate the craze... hmmmm, the rich white is still alive, free, and rich, while you crucify the small guy. Write that blog, and go for the root.

P.S. Maybe you just prefer your abstract art... real life scares you too much.

P.P.S. Call me ACTUALLY FACTS. There you go, there's a name for me.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... music that we know and love, tells us the good the bad and the ugly of THE REAL WORLD"

lemme see... thuggery, guns and violence against women.

your REAL WORLD just guzzled your buddy for breakfast.

i'll take my world anytime.


Anonymous said...

Neo-Nazi Conservative said: "lemme see... thuggery, guns and violence against women."

Those are part of the REAL WORLD. There are thugs, guns an violence against women IN THE REAL WORLD. Don't blame the reporter, or the news, because it won't make a difference... lol... you're so sheltered.lol

and the Nazi said: "your REAL WORLD just guzzled your buddy for breakfast."

Disrespectful AND ignorant. Good work DON IMUS.lol

Some people are born and raised in the REAL WORLD, and aren't able to see the opportunities that you have. That's why they weren't in your ballet and piano class, Mr. Silverspoon Nazi.lol

Super Neo-Conserva-Nazi(lol) said:"i'll take my world anytime."

Stay in your fake world where you can ignore others hardships, because you are "the weak of heart". It would've guzzled you up sooner. Stay in OZ with your twinkle toes, DOROTHY... just remember reality will hit YOU when you wake up.lol

STILL NOT REGISTERING... AND STILL I'M THE ACTUALLY FACTS, NOT ALLEGATIONS, AND HERESAY LIKE YOU.LOL. Gave you a name and you still want to call me "anon"... keep running from the topic, you're just proving what a pretentious, sheltered idiot you are.lol

Anonymous said...


If your not hiding, post your phone#, I'll call right now.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... Stay in your fake world"

you mean the world where people have jobs and plans and families... and don't kill each other over dope deals gone bad?


i'm not sure what's more amusing here... the narrow, surreal world view or the childish name calling?

you've gotta tell me... that usually work on anybody over the age of seven?

please... don't stop now.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I won't stop.

Call it name calling, call it whatever you want... Mr. O'reilly.lol Call it childish. What you're calling childish still applies to you word for word. Meaning the "childish" statements are still read as more sensible, and more intelligent than your avoidance of what is being said, and you still sound like the well-off ballet dancer that refuses any logic.lol

Actually, your attack on peoples phrasings, and hallow somantic attacks prove as childishness to the extreme. Its clear from what you wrote that YOURS is the only narrow and surreal view.

Keep using allegations as your fuel. Once again, I USE FACTS, while you use google, and myspace.lol THE FAKE WORLD YOU LIVE IN. Everyone I know has jobs and families, and many have seen the ills of life and society.

There is hiphop speaking to YOUR walk of life too. Did you listen to it? NO!!! You picked out the hiphop that YOU'RE scared of. Your argument isn't with hiphop at all. Its with the outside world you refuse to look at. Want to change the world? Trying taking a more well rounded look at the world before you try to change what you know nothing about.

Since you are conservative, correct me if I'm wrong, you are part of the christian right. "DO NOT JUDGE, LEST YOU BE JUDGED"!!! Now put a spin on the Bible, and poke fun at the God you pray to, and show how far you'll go to "change the world 1 mind at a time". You're clearly not trying to change ANY of the minds reading... you're not very well read from what you've said so far. And your dictionary is clearly not hiding your ignorance in any way.

P.S. Conservatives brought in the drugs, guns, start the wars, corrupt government, avoid environmental issues, cause class division, hide info.... and how is it they always get into drug and sex scandals?

P.P.S Your not very good with rebuttals it seems. So, to everyone else reading, I hope you take what's being said by myself, and this neo guy(lol), who clearly lives off tv and internet info, when you vote!!! Vote for someone who can see the real world and address the ills of it to correct it, not the guy that says "oh that's bad, I don't want to look at it, much less change it"

til next time Neo-Freemason Conservative... oh look, another childish name.lol Turn off the "boobtube" and "'puter" sometime and READ.

THE ACTUAL FACTS... go ahead, don't be afraid to say it, because I'm still not registering. Still afraid to hold this talk on the phone or in person... ya, I thought so.lol

Neo Conservative said...

"professor anon is back and he's trying so hard... 'hallow somantic attacks'"

i'm guessing you were trying to say, "hollow, semantic"... you watch a little dr phil yesterday?

"anon tries again... 'correct me if I'm wrong, you are part of the christian right'"

now, if you actually read this blog... you would know i'm an atheist.

"anon puts on his tin foil hat... Conservatives brought in the drugs, guns,"

so stephen harper killed your buddy? wow.

"anon... the real world and address the ills of it to correct it"

you mean like smokin' violent, drug dealing thugs?

oh, this is pure gold... gimme more.

"anon blusters... Still afraid to hold this talk on the phone"

sure thing homie... 613-966-0882...call me.


Anonymous said...

Lol. He gave the police #.lol I wonder if in Neo's mind anything opposing his view is a crime, and he doesn't want to have a civilized, open-minded debate.

Neo-Conservative called me "homie".lol

Sorry, I don't say homie, and my record is clean. No offence taken, it was a funny joke.lol

Athiest? Interesting. Then if you don't believe in God, all your "right and wrong" morals come from where? Hmmm... Just what you were taught, not anything YOU YOURSELF KNOW.

lol. Yes, there may be spelling errors, I'm nobodies receptionist. I guess you think spelling is more important than the message behind it. Would you vote for someone because of their spelling, or their message?lol

Dr. Phil? Sorry, not into TV as much as you, so I don't quote info from it, or the internet. Just what I know. Maybe, with your aim set on attack, you think that you are all knowing, blocking out any other information. Oh well. Good luck with that.

Neo-Conservative said:"you mean like smokin' violent, drug dealing thugs?"

"oh, this is pure gold... gimme more."

If these things didn't exist,hiphop couldn't talk about them. Hiphop also talks about God, love, relationships, and self-improvement, but like anything they want to slander, only the negative gets heard.

Neo-Conservative said: "so stephen harper killed your buddy? wow."

lol. I never stated anything to do with Mr. Harper.lol Or the Conservative Party. I'm speaking of the Conservative mind set that YOU speak from. I know many Conservatives (of a more intelligent mindset)that could argue your point better than you have... yet, they checked the blog, praised me for it and agreed.

NO DRUGS, and NO GUNS available, NO DRUG USE, and NO SHOOTING happens.

I am part of NO POLITICAL PARTY, I vote for the better option through THINKING FOR MYSELF after seeing all different angles, and how they affect EVERYBODY.

But enough about me.. why can't you stay on topic?

P.S.(again,lol) Thank you for getting back to you general attack on hiphop, instead of slandering a dead person who you've only really heard hearsay about.

P.P.S.: Don't worry, I don't hate you, Comrad. I find the show the Colbert Report very entertaining, one of the few tv shows I like... I guess you're one the people his character mocks.

Anonymous said...

Honestly. alot of you people never knew who he was. and i think its wrong that ur saying all this shit.
People turn out the way they are due to things that had happen to them in the past.
I think its wrong that your all bad mouthing someone that cannot defend them self's. You shouldnt be saying he could have changed everything. Last time i talked to him he said that he was proud of me going to post secondary school, and that he was jealous. and that i had to do good for him. Soo pretty much. he did want to do something with his life, he wanted to become something better and thats why i believe he started to rap.
He was respected by alot of people he knew. and from what i heard. it was all a set up from some stupid crackhead
in the end we need to respect him, because he was a good, pretty much the best guy i knew. he always looked out for everyone he knew, and made sure we all stayed out of trouble.
Any one of us. can turn out a certain way that people dont like.
and if it did have anything with drugs,we should all learn from the experience, expect all of you are mad mouthing someone who has died. and thats wrong. we should be saying oh he was wrong for doing this. we should remember what an increadable guy he was.
R.I.P Jermaine aka tactix.
you'll never be forgotten by the people that loved you for who you are

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... Lol. He gave the police #.lol"

oh... you wanted my home number? sorry, mrs neo has a bit of a problem with that... no thugs at the dinner table... go figure.

as for your argument... sorry, no sale. the music glorifies violence, in particular, violence against women.

and your buddy, hip deep in the milieu, is just the latest dead body to prove it.


Neo Conservative said...

"another anon said... it was all a set up from some stupid crackhead"

see... that's the point.

you're not involved in this kind of shit... nobody's gonna open you up from the hips to the lips with a k-bar.

whether you like this guy, or despise him... you can't argue that jermaine made a spectacularly unintelligent choice about how to live his life... and as a result, ended up paying the freight.

the best you can do... is learn from it.


Anonymous said...

Neo said, and he has alot say about nothing: "oh... you wanted my home number? sorry, mrs neo has a bit of a problem with that... no thugs at the dinner table... go figure."

Thug? What makes me a thug. What a big assumption that was. Because I listen to HipHop, I'm a thug? I wasn't threatening you, and I wasn't asking for a dinner invite, though I'm sure the Mrs makes a mean Shepherd's Pie.lol I wasn't even planning to visit. I AM NOT A THUG, GANGSTER, or DRUG DEALER. Thanks for showing that you prejudge people for their musical preferences.

Neo said: "as for your argument... sorry, no sale. the music glorifies violence, in particular, violence against women."

Hmmm... what a sweeping generalizaton of a music you don't listen to. Most of the hiphop I listen to DOESN'T. Do you only hear what the tv and net tell you.

Its sad that the major labels and media only show one side to a music that talks about EVERYTHING. Positive, negative, and all inbetween. Complain to them instead of the artist. While you're at it, go at every motion picture company that ACTUALLY SHOWS ALL THE ABOVE.

And THIS ARE ACTUAL FACTS... and so am I. You wanted me to say a name, so say it.lol

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... Thug? What makes me a thug."

hmmmm... you certainly talk like a thug... let's look at your "a non-theatening(sic), non-offensive posts"...

"Neo-Nazi... Neo-Nazi Conservative... Nazi... Super Neo-Conserva-Nazi... Don Imus... pretentious, sheltered idiot... Mr. O'reilly... christian right... Neo-Freemason Conservative... Comrad(sic)..."

yessir... there's a whole lot of room for honest, intelligent dialogue in there.

pretty revealing though... every time you sit down and hurl your not quite literate invective... we get a closer look at who you are.

and, in truth, i do feel sorry for you... there's not a scrap of self-realisation in your whole meandering tirade.

and self-knowledge, my chattering, boastful friend, is where all true knowledge has to begin.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Funny. So then to be a thug, all you have to do is call someone a nazi??? Make some sense at some point!!!lol

According to what you're saying a thug is, then most rap/hiphop isn't, thug as you claim. I haven't heard "nazi" in any recent hiphop. Which songs did you hear with this in it? Name them. Name's would probably hurt kids under 10. How old are you?lol

Neo says... and with out ANYTHING stated about subject matter:" and, in truth, i do feel sorry for you... there's not a scrap of self-realisation in your whole meandering tirade."

Self-realization???lol. Seems like you HAVE been watching Dr. Phil. I don't really care what YOU consider a "meandering tirade". I've already reached people who found value in what I said. Thanks for the outlet for me to speak the ACTUAL FACTS.

P.S.(again, though it never is "post",lol): Traditional O'Reilly Factor techique.lol Avoid the subject, and try to get personal. Sorry, its still not working. Now go watch more Fox News.lol

the right is right, but wrong is wrong said...

hey, i think he's right to call you comrad, neoconservative. You called him "homie". and you're pretty much the same as a nazi, and o'reilly. so he's just calling you what you are. has your self-realization hit you yet neoconservative?

good work actual facts. you have nothing more to prove. I don't even like rap at all, but I respect it now that you've stated a side I never thought of, one that makes sense. keep as sharp as you are, some of us are opeminded enough to hear your . and please note this lost cause,neowhatever, does not represent all conservatives

Neo Conservative said...

'anon claims... I don't really care what YOU consider a "meandering tirade"'

the fact that you can't stay away, my friend... pretty much screams that you do.


Neo Conservative said...

"wrong is wrong said... i think he's right to call you comrad"

that'd be comrade, friend... which is a pejorative term for someone on the left.

see, a conservative is someone on the right side of the political spectrum.

now, if you can't spell the word... and you don't know what it means... where does that leave room for an intelligent discussion?

"ww also claims... I don't even like rap at all, but I respect it now"

yup... that's convincing.

feel free to regroup and try again though... this truly is entertainment... sorta like watching lab mice try figure out a maze.

maybe one day you'll find the exit.


illseed said...

You're an idiot. You position could be replaced by a spellcheck. oh but wait, "homie" is spelt HOMEY. So you really do no absolutely nothing about what you're saying!!! That makes you useless.



If any of you that have posted here in defence of HIP HOP have music, don't be afraid to post it here. Don't worry about what Neo-Conversative says, we all see the stupidity he represents. They put us down, and we MAKE MORE!!! If no one does, I will post as much music as we have on our site. Turn his site into ours, just ignore his posts. Just look at them like Stephen Colbert jokes, just like Actual Facts said.

And Actual Facts, you are the ACTUAL FACTS just as you claimed. We'd love your commentary in the Ill Community on our site. And lets see if this moron has the guts to bring his message directly to Hip Hop, instead of playing it safe with other people who don't even listen to the music in its proper context.


Sarah said...

This is great, we can use his blog for advertising our music that we KNOW and love!!!

All this guy can do is talk, he can't stop us. Its sad that freedom of speech gives this guy the right to exhale his hot air, but it also gives us the right TO SAY WHAT WE WANT. Any actions done in imitation to what a minority of hiphoppers SAY IN SONGS are still the responsibility of that individual. And not knowing the situations behind the actions make his argument pointless.

Actual Facts, you get my vote as well!!!


Message Of Love said...

I love this music. It saved me from the street. I found my Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST through it.

Visit http://www.holyhiphop.com/

Only one of the many sites promoting Christian HipHop. Rap with a positive message and no cursing.

Don't Water Anything Down said...



Neo Conservative said...

hey kiddies... you bring it.

the fact is, rap is a sort of a rorschach test for the culturally bereft.

what's next... hip-hop cures cancer?

now if it could only raise the dead...


Justin said...

This a great idea!!!

There's power in numbers!!! If no one here agrees with him, we'll just make it are own discussion board.


Chicano Pride said...


I'm not wasting much typing time on this guy. I'm willing to get our following to start posting here. Just give me the go ahead.

Neo Conservative said...

"chicano pride said... i'm willing to get our following to start posting here. Just give me the go ahead."

you need permission?

from who... the ghost of tupac?

let's hear all about how it's no big deal that jermaine got off'd because of a dope deal gone bad.

he's certainly not the only rapper to take a dive in toronto lately either, is he?

livin' the life, huh? sounds pretty sad from here.

the real world beckons... have to go cut some firewood, but i'll be back in a while.

show me what you've got kids.


Promo Dept said...

HA HA HA!!! He called us kiddies. This music has been around since the 1970's, and won't stop.


Jen Hatierre said...

Now he could easily have said GANGSTER RAP is the threat, but he didn't. He said hiphop, which is clearly much bigger than he thinks.

Mos Def
Talib Kweli
Roots Manuva(From The UK)
The Roots
K-OS(A Canadian Rapper Too!!!)
De La Soul
Jazzy Jeff
Pocket Dwellers(Another Canadian HipHop group... and a live band at that)

These are only a few GREAT, POSITIVE hiphop groups that Neo-Conservative has lumped into the category with gangster rap.

I don't have a site, but please google it.

Fillipe Bradshaw said...

HEY JEN!!! Glad to see you still have great musical pics.

What's been up?

Jen Hatierre said...

HA HA HA. Fillipe, long time since we've talked.

Those are just some of the music in my collection. Got alot of music now. You know I've always been a music fan.

Did you here the new Common CD? ITS GREAT!!!

Fellipe Bradshaw said...

Ya, Common's the best!!! He's always on point with the lyrics, content, and music. And with Kanye West on the beats, he can't lose.

Are you still in Canada?

Jen Hatierre said...

Yep. I love it here. I'm in Ottawa now. Trying to head back to Toronto. They have GREAT underground hiphop events.

Where are you?

Fillipe Bradshaw said...

I'm in New Orleans. I've been down for the clean up after Katrina. Still haven't left. You know what? I probably wouldn't be helping out if I didn't hear that Jay-Z about Katrina. You know, the on on the last album?

Wouldn't mine seeing you again. Why not come down and help out?

Jen Hatierre said...

Ya, I love that Jay-Z song. I forget what its called though, hmmm. Do you know?

I'd definitely reach out there, but no airfare.

;) I miss you too.

Fellipe Bradshaw said...

Too bad. Could do with your company, and we all could do with your help.

Did you hear about the young black women that was kidnapped by a couple young white guys, AND THEIR MOTHER??? That's some messed up shit. How is it they complain about rap lyrics in the media and news, yet a story like this gets now air time? I guess the media doesn't care about us black people either.lol

Jen Hatierre said...

Ya, I heard about that. THAT'S CRAZY!!!

You know what else? Its funny how, when they found subliminal messages in rock songs, the same people weren't complaining about THOSE messages. Now because they hear another angle to what we call life, without watering anything down, they get scared, and try to talk slick. Just like the guy that started this blog.lol

They see guns in the news, and in movies, and enjoy it as entertainment, yet in rap music(which is technically entertainment too, whether true or false)and they get scared. You know what? I don't think it has anything to do with the music. I think they're just still scared of young black men. I guess they just don't REALLY want to address the issue. They just wanna be able to look down at others, like a bully would.

Question: if you act like a bully, you're a bully, right? Would you consider a bully a thug Fellipe? OFCOURSE!!!(rhetorical ?)lol. So look who the thugs are. Ya know what I'm sayin'?

Fellipe Bradshaw said...

That's exactly right. And they see a group of black men, and stereotype them as a gang. And, just by watching the news, you can SEE how the government is the real gangsters the way they use civilians to risk their lives to kill other people ON THEIR OWN LAND!!! And for what? Oil?

Anyways. Do you have msn?

Jen Hatierre said...

I am in full agreement. Then again, I don't know who in their right mind would.

Sorry, I don't do the msn thing, but why don't you just post here later, and we'll talk more. I gotta head off to work. They probably don't even know that most of us hiphop fans do hold jobs.lol

Love to talk again. Your mind's still as beautiful as you are. Still miss you. xoxoxox MUAH!!!

Fellipe Bradshaw said...

;) I definitely will, lady. Look at that, and they still think hiphop only belittles women.lol Never have, never will, and, like you already know, I've been part of hiphop culture most of my life.

Enough about that though. I still love you baby. Have a good day at work. If you can play music there, keep that Common album in your IPod. Such good music keeps the day going smooth.

Bye bye. Until later beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey, anyone hear that new kanye west album... AMAZING!

The Actual Facts.

Ramos said...

I've had Kanye West's album on repeat. Great tunes. Just recently started to listen to him. Now I can't stop!!! I just gotta get the first two now. Great song, with a Good message.

What's your favourite song on the album.

Neo Conservative said...

that's all you've got?

you're gonna, what... turn the comments here into a musical appreciation chatroom?

whoa... you people are right off the chain... i'm... i'm going under... ya got me hoss.


Not a thug, drug dealer, or gangster said...

My favourite song on the album would have to be Big Brother. Very heartfelt song. You can hear it. And he's praising the guy who gave him his big break when everyone doubted him, Jay-Z. Lyrically on point, nice word play, without over doing it. And the music, honestly, that just put it over the top.

He was number 1 on the charts for good reason. Beating out 50 Cent(very good effort coming in second), and that country guy, What's his name, Kenny Chesney? Never heard of him before, but I guess he was holding the flag of country music. Does this mean HipHop has more of a following than country?

Kanye doesn't even try to be a gangster. That's real hiphop right there.

ramos said...

YES SIR!!! If more people buy HipHop, then that means that more people like it enough to pay money for it. And there's more buying hiphop than country, well, draw your own conclusion from that.lol

But, in defence of country, Kenny sold more than ANY ROCK MUSIC releases as of late. So country beats Rock. Good work Kenny Chesney. Still, not a country fan, but hey, I'll check a couple songs. Why be close minded?

the right is right, but wrong is wrong said... said...

I listened to the Kenny Chesney album at HMV. I listen to ALL good music. Not bad, but at the end of the day, I didn't buy it. Not into too much rap. Maybe I'll take a listen to Kanye. I saw him on the Emmy Awards, and I was impressed by that Stronger song. Very meaningful and creative. Hey,ya never know until you try.lol

Do you think Neo picked up a copy of Kenny Chesney's CD? Isn't that the best way he can fight hiphop music? Or is Neo-Country too much of a redneck for good New Country Music?

Fellipe Bradshaw said...

Neo-Conservative said: "you're gonna, what... turn the comments here into a musical appreciation chatroom?"

Sorry to break it to you Mr. Spellchecker, but "gonna" is not a word. And we're not "gonna", if you haven't noticed, we HAVE. Now go spellcheck HAVE.

Can you please butt out of our conversation. Burn a cross or something to make your message heard. We're talking here. Don't be rude and interrupt, its not a good look for such an upstanding gentleman as yourself.lol

Denise Stromberg said...

Neo-Conservative said: "i'm... i'm going under"

Whoa!!! TOO MUCH INFO!!! Save talk for the Mrs.

Anonymous said...

Neo-Conservative said:... hell, who cares what he said now?lol

Anyone here care what he's saying other than him?

Don't blame me. These are just the ACTUAL FACTS

MC Good Manners & DJ Proper Upbringing said...

Huh? I'm lost. Who's Neo-Conservative, and why would you name yourself that on a hiphop blog.

Anonymous said...

MC Good Manners & DJ Proper Upbringing said:
"Huh? I'm lost. Who's Neo-Conservative, and why would you name yourself that on a hiphop blog."

lol. That's the guy that started this blog... but that's not important any more. JOIN THE CONVO!!!

Now, I checked the site on your post, and someone else had it too. Nice music. Positive message, no profanities... just wondering, someone earlier said (hiphop)" music glorifies violence, in particular, violence against women.", although that site only has CHRISTIAN hiphop music... are you sure you're not a gang, or drug dealers? I mean, they said ALL OF HIPHOP artists are. So are you, despite the fact that its ALL CHRISTIAN hiphop???

I just want to know THE ACTUAL FACTS.

We're just hiphop chatting away.

Anonymous said...

By the way... WebPress Permalink is a great tool for people like this so you can always find this blog, even when they try to take it down. ;)


Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... We're just hiphop chatting away."

yup... just like your musical genius buddy tactix... pretty sweet, huh?

Im here to be herd and it will be DONE!!!


MC Good Manners & DJ Proper Upbringing said...

LOL. No, only songs glorifying our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Go ahead, check the site for yourself.
You may find enlightenment in trying times.

Its www.holyhiphop.com

Anonymous said...

lol. Look, someones a little frustrated. Relax, breath Neo Conservative.

Do you think you're gonna get shot by one of our christian hiphop brethryn???lol

Thanks for giving us a new Blog Thread that just united HipHoppers from different sites, and different SUBGENRES of HIPHOP.


Hey, Neo-Conservative, in the words of one of your new heroes, Jay-Z "WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE"!!!!!!!!


Denise Stromberg said...

lol. He's not even quoting from a song, just stuff typed on a myspace!!! He thinks everything is uptight and soooo serious. Okay, then I'm at www.myspace.com/iamyourbanksendyourmoneyhere

So he still doesn't no ANYTHING said in the songs, BECAUSE HE NEVER HEARD THEM!!!!lol

Why don't you quote from www.holyhiphop.com , oh yeah, because you only want to see negative to get people riled up... or maybe O'REILY'd up.lol Nice try.


Fellipe Bradshaw said...

Nice title Denise.


Has a ring to it. So Neo, this is Morpheus, if you could go ahead and change the title from "No Rap..."... whatever it is, to


Hurry up, click on account, and change it, mmmmmkay!!!

Neo Conservative said...

denise stromberg said... He's not even quoting from a song"

c'mon denise... did you really call jermaine "BEEF HEAD"? and what about his "BANG"?

you can tell me.


ForgetParis... said...

Neo you talk about the death of someone you didn’t even know. I’m all for writing educational essays, but isn’t this a rather inappropriate subject matter?
On your page you say you would like to change things, one mind at a time, and this is your blog, so rant away.
But it is just a rant…
I don’t think picking this unfortunate incident is the best choice .
I understand that the only way to make change is by bringing up tough issues, but you didn’t know the guy and I’m assuming not all the details.
Your first comment response “his url was …. He even failed at that” was negative and you fueled the fire you’re enjoying now. It’s interesting you mention you were “ off to chop some wood”….
I’m not going to waste to much breath here, but you defiantly say some inappropriate things and I’m not going to quote them for lack of time.
Real world, or fake world… yours, mine it’s all the same. By cutting up this guy and running your mouth about a lifestyle you “clearly” don’t know much about, you might in fact be doing the opposite of whatever it is you set out to do.
So .. rant away… fuel the fire

Denise Stromberg said...

Neo-Conservative said: "c'mon denise... did you really call jermaine "BEEF HEAD"? and what about his "BANG"?

you can tell me."

Sorry, never heard of him until you said his name. You're the only one here that's called him that. Got a lil' sugar in your tank Neo? LOOK EVERYBODY OFFICER NEO-CONSERVATIVE IS ON THE DOWN-LOW!!!lol. What did he turn your offer down, is that why you're so upset??

What will Mrs Neo think about that? Neo-Conservative, you're sounding like another Daniel Craig!!!!lol AND LIKE A CONSTABLE!!!

I never knew who you're talking about, but I like that I can copy and save all these posts, and know that this is what our Police may think of us hiphoppers.

Fellipe Bradshaw said...

Neo said: "did you really call jermaine "BEEF HEAD"? and what about his "BANG"?

you can tell me."

Hey, that some gay stuff. Why would you want to know that stuff? Either you're gay, an officer, OR BOTH. Cuz I heard most of ya are.lol Hey its just what I heard, no crime in telling you that. Please don't rape or arrest me for typing Mr. Police Man!!!

You hit the nail on the head Denise.

Just ignore him, and lets get back to hiphop talk.lol

Neo Conservative said...

"Fellipe Bradshaw said... that some gay stuff."

gay stuff, fellipe? that's a bit of a surprise... i mean, i was just quoting your macho buddy, tactix.

i guess your musical scene is more inclusive than i thought.

i didn't know you guys were homosexual... I guess I can see why you're being so protective here.

were you two together for very long?


Fellipe Bradshaw said...

Who is Tactix? Sorry, I don't know him, but I sure see that Neo-Conservative asked Denise to tell him about his "Beef Head" and his "Bang". You're clearly gay Neo-Conservative. That must be why you ask so many questions about him.lol

People have listed positive, and even Christian hiphop, have you checked those yet. Why don't you pull some quotes from those. They're hiphop too. Maybe somewhere deep inside that closet you're in, you're just crying out for GAY HIPHOP. Search google.

BACK TO THE MUSIC TALK!!!!lol Nice try NEO!!! Or should I say OFFICER?

Jen Hatierre said...

Neo is the Homosexual Conservative. He's Daniel Craig, AND the police officer.

Neo's been asking for "beef head". What more needs to be said?lol

go to www.gayhiphop.com, and commence your "self-realization" study.

Hey Fellipe baby!!! I listened to Common's great music ALL DAY. You were right. The day just flew by. Great hiphop music

fellipe Bradshaw said...

HEY JEN, my love. HipHop has to be great if it introduced us to each other, AND connected us in this HipHop blog once again

I knew you'd like that Common cd at work. The music is so powerful.

Neo-Conservative's Down Low Gay Lover said...

hey, Neo. Why DO you keep asking about some guy's "Beef Head"? Does the Mrs know you go on the internet asking about how guys "Bang"? Do the other officers know that you're looking for "Beef Head" when you all hit the showers?

There are many forms of hiphop, maybe you'll like the gay stuff better. lol

I had no idea they had gay conservative officers searching the net for a gay hiphop "Bang".lol I guess you walk a different beat.lol

Fellipe Bradshaw said...

Jen, it looks like Neo found the homosexual sex partner he's been looking for.lol HipHop connected him with is soulmate.

Still work at the same place lady?

Neo-Conservative Is Beating His Beef Head to gay hiphop right now said...

Neo, how does it feel to know that the Mrs is kissing you with the same lips she eats "Beef Head" with. I know that's why you're on here. She confessed, and you got jealous that you didn't get any. NOW YOU WANT that "Bang" too.lol

Looks like your down low lover is going to bring some people from his gay site to post for you.

Neo Conservative said...

Fellipe Bradshaw said... "Who is Tactix? Sorry, I don't know him"

yeah... right.


Anonymous said...

I knew Jermaine Malcolm aka Tactix, since he was 12 years old. I was his classmate at Edenwood and all I can say about this guy was I saw this a mile away. He was arrogant, loud, was suspended from school. He would fight with anyone, in grade 10 I kicked his ass for talking shit. Because of his stellar marks he was sent to West Credit (Stupid Kids School) but he would get into shit. His family life was lousy but he never cared to make anything of himself. He would break into cars to steal little money. He was arrested once for stealing at the local Rabba on Derry. The kid was a punk, and honestly I feel sorry for him. I feel more sorry for Andrae Parris who I knew as a kid, we used to call him rich boy. I never expected him to be involved in this, why stab such a low life. Murder is wrong and I believe these guys get 10 years min for what they did and that is take somebody's life. Fuck CRACK, get a real job!!

Neo Conservative said...

anon... thx for sharing.

i think the moral of the story here is... "live by the sword... don't be surprised somebody cuts out your liver." --