10 June 2007

Prime Minister involved in murder

Cherniak's Liblogs have lately topped Rabble as the twistiest delusional hotspot in the political blogosphere.

Need an example?

Meet Geoff. Geoff has a theory.

You know the mentally unbalanced policewoman in London, Ontario who shot a colleague/lover last week and then killed herself?

Apparently it's Stephen Harper's fault.

Sounds like someone's been leanin' on the online Mexican pharmacy button a little too heavily of late. Or maybe... when you're this cool, sanity is an option.

Whaddaya say, Jason... time for an intervention?


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Anonymous said...

the heck with intervention man. Time for a lawsuit.

Glad Jason's on the Liberals side and not ours.

Hey man, check out the Liberally staged video of the prov. policy convention. Kinsella wants you to believe that the two gentlemen are delegates. Are they REALLY?

Tory's polling well. Liberals are worried. Contrary to popular opinion Ontarians have LONG LONG memories when it comes to promise-breakers and their money.

Anonymous said...

diverts from broken promises and air of entitlement to their entitlements.

Neo Conservative said...

kinsella... there's a walking, talking advertisement for narcissistic paranoia.